Players do not need to have played Minecraft for so long to come across a chicken. They are likely the most common animals one will encounter in the title. Apart from looking super duper cute, chickens are also amazing for breeding for meat and eggs. And if you want to have a little tail that follows you around while you play, you can tame them and have them in your palms.

In case you are wondering why you might want to have some chickens following you around, we only have one answer – it’s funny. No more beating around the bush, here’s how to tame a chicken in Minecraft if you are wondering.

Chicken In Minecraft
See how to tame a chicken in Minecraft and how to breed them below!

How to tame a chicken in Minecraft

Taming and attracting one of these cute animals in Minecraft is in fact really easy. You only need to follow these 5 steps:

  • 1. Collect some wheat seeds.
  • 2. Next, equip those wheat seeds in your Hotbar.
  • 3. Search and approach a chicken while carrying the wheat seeds with you.
  • 4. While the chicken is following you, lure it into an enclosed corner.
  • 5. Close that space up and you have now a tamed pet chicken.

For those unknown, a player only needs one wheat seed to lure a chicken in Minecraft.

Minecraft Chicken
The chicken is yours when there are hearts floating around them after you feed them.

If players have not had any seed or have no clue how to get them, they only have to harvest grass to get them. And how can you harvest grass to collect wheat seeds? Simply use your hand or a stick to punch at the grass, and there you go!

Moreover, if you are also not sure about which enclosed space to use and put the chicken in, you may set up a pen or attract it into your house.

Note: The chicken would follow you as long as you have the wheat seed equipped in the Hotbar.

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How to breed chickens in Minecraft

Now that you have known how to tame a chicken in Minecraft, it would be a total waste not to learn how to get some eggs from it.

Chicken Egg
Chicken eggs can be used to make different food items in Minecraft such as cake or pumpkin pie.

As we need two chickens to make eggs, at least another chicken is in need before we could begin out little egg farm and chicken breeding in the game.

Below is how to breed chickens in Minecraft:

  • 1. Catch another chicken with the above steps so you can have two chickens.
  • 2. Now, stand before each chicken and let it eat wheat seeds. If there are hearts appearing all over them, you did this right.
  • 3. Wait for a baby chicken to be born.
  • 4. Do these three steps again and again to have a stuffed chicken farm.
Chicken Farm
A farm full of chicken after players breed them.
Underground Chicken Farm
An underground chicken farm

If you do not know how to feed your chickens with the seeds, what you have to do is standing in front of them with the seeds in the hotbar. Afterward, right-click on the wheat seeds and you will have them fed.

Remember that besides breeding the chickens for eggs, players may also breed them for meat.

Among all the animals in Minecraft, chickens might be among the cutest and most useful ones when it comes to benefits and… entertainment purposes, to be honestly frank.

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