Llamas have turned into one of the most beloved animals in Minecraft for their neutral nature. The real advantage of these beauties is that they can carry chests, up to 15 space slots. That’s why everybody would want to learn how to tame a llama in Minecraft.

Do not worry as we will help you with this guide below.

How To Tame A Llama In Minecraft
Llama is the creature that many players like in Minecraft.

Where can you find a Llama in Minecraft?

Llama is one of the animals in Minecraft that are gentle by nature. They can usually be found in biomes such as Wooded Mountains, Extreme Hills, and Savanna.

In case you find it hard to look for a llama, you can totally summon one with a cheat or make use of a spawn egg.

How To Tame A Llama In Minecraft 2
You can find them in Wooded Mountains, Extreme Hills, and Savanna biomes.

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

Now to the “how to tame a llama in Minecraft” part, these are the steps you need to take on. To tame a llama in Minecraft, you need to feed it with the right food, then mount the llama until red hearts appear.

1. Feed the Llama

The first step to tame a llama is to feed it. This will speed up how quickly you can tame one. In detail, players need to put either of these into the Hotbar and assure that it is the selected item:

  • 5 hay bales
  • 10 wheat
Llama World
Feed the llama so that you can tame it later.

As you feed each wheat to the llama, you would hear it making an eating sound. After finishing feeding the llama all 10 wheat, you should stop because if it will make the “Naaah” angry sound when you try to feed it the 11th wheat.

2. Mount the Llama

Now, players need to mount the llama. First, ensure that you do not select anything in the hot bar. Next, use your own hand to mount it.

Tip: The llama would buck players off when you mount it if you have not fed it enough food. In case this happens, keep trying to mount that llama till the hearts pop up. That’s when it will not buck you off anymore.

How To Tame A Llama In Minecraft 3
If you see the hearts on its head, it means you have successfully tamed this one.

Much like taming polar bears in Minecraft, once you have managed to mount the llama, you shall see red hearts all around it once it is tamed.

Reminder: Players can actually tame a llama in Minecraft without having to feed it. You can try mounting it again and again without a thing in your hand up until the red hearts appear.

Now, players can sit on the llama. Unfortunately, you are not able to control its movement or put a saddle to do the same. However, you can totally use a lead and guide it your way. In case you aspire to see yourself riding the llama, alter the camera!

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