The combat system of Minecraft isn't its strongest suit. If you think the melee weapon options are slim, then the ranged weapons in Minecraft will let you down even more. For rangers, the three weapons you can use are bows, crossbows, and the trident. With the Trident being a rare drop from the Drown, we figure let's take it out of this competition.

So, we will only compare the two craftable ranged weapons: crossbows vs bows in Minecraft.

Crossbows Vs Bows
Which one is better?

Crossbows in Minecraft

Crossbows were introduced much later in the game. It's a ranged weapon that can use both arrows and fireworks as ammunition. Crafting a crossbow requires more steps but it does deal more damage than the conventional bows.

Here's the recipe for crafting crossbows in Minecraft:

Crossbow Recipe
Crossbows cost more to craft.

Damage-wise, the crossbow is a better option than bows by far. Check out its damage stats:

  • Minimum damage: 6 hearts
  • Maximum damage: 11 hearts
  • Maximum with fireworks: 18 hearts

To further its durability and damage output, players can choose the following enchantments for a crossbow:

Fireworks Crossbows
You can use fireworks as ammunition for the crossbow to pump up its damage.
  • Quick Charge: Reduces reload time.
  • Multishot: Fires 3 shot spread out in front.
  • Piercing: Pierce the target and hit anything behind it.
  • Unbreaking: Reduces durability loss.
  • Mending: Consumes EXP to repair.
  • Curse of Vanishing: Vanishes when dropped.
  • Enchanted Arrows can also pair with crossbows.

Bows in Minecraft

Bows are as old as swords in Minecraft. They were the only ranged weapon in the game for so long. Requiring only sticks and strings to make, bows make an economical weapon in Minecraft, despite its potential. However, it will deal less damage than the crossbows.

Bow In Minecraft
Bows are easy to craft.

Bows Damage Stats

  • 0.1-second charge – 1 heart
  • 0.2-0.9 second charge – 5 hearts
  • 1+ second charge – 6 hearts
  • 1+ second critical – 10 hearts

Enchantments for Bows

Best Bow Enchantments In Minecraft
Flame on!
  • Power – Increases damage.
  • Punch – Increases the knockback range.
  • Flame – Ignites arrows with damage.
  • Infinity – Infinite arrows as long as there is one arrow.
  • Unbreaking – Less durability loss.
  • Mending – Consumes XP to repair.
  • Curse of Vanishing – Disappears when dropped.
  • Enchanted Arrows can also pair with bows.

Verdict: Crossbows Vs Bows in Minecraft

In our all opinion, bows are better than crossbows in Minecraft in certain situations. Of course, the crossbow deals more damage and has a longer range, but it also takes longer to reload. With the best enchantment combos (must include Quick Charge), crossbows are great to take on a large group of enemies from afar.

Bows Minecraft
Bows are better in our book.

However, bows are the classic go-to in the game. Players can craft one as soon as they start the game and its value won't actually drop much. Plus, bows can use the Infinity enchantment, which eliminates the need to craft arrows for players. Other enchantments such as Punch and Flame also boost the power by knocking enemies further away and set them on fire!

That's our opinion in the Crossbows Vs Bows comparison. What's yours? Let us know in the comments down below.

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