Having a good place to build a house is very important for beginners in Valheim. You need to have an ideal place to start the game. Here are Valheim best seeds for building as well as thriving after the Hearth and Home update.


Valheim Bosses
There are five bosses in Valheim and only 2 best seeds to spawn safely near them all.

#1. Map Seeds For Main Bosses

Seed code: HHcLC5acQt and klW6PHmPNj

Speedrunners in Valheim prefer to spawn near all bosses in the game world. There are five bosses in Valheim Hearth and Home update that players need to defeat. The map seeds above are the two best Valheim Hearth and Home map seeds for a safe spawn nearby all five bosses in the game. Then, you can defeat these five main bosses early.

#2. Seed For Safe Island With All Biomes

Seed code: W2hUEJUEcM

Enter the seed to spawn on a safe island with every biome. There are five main biomes and three secret biomes in Valheim with a lot of supplies, ingredients, and materials to loot and farm. Therefore, it's one of the Valheim best world seeds for building a base with rich resources. Moreover, it's also close to the two first bosses of the game world.

Valheim Biomes
There are five main biomes and three secret biomes in Valheim.

#3. Seed Code For Warriors

Seed code: nai4qtPKFt and mMxfik3C2J

If you are a warrior and you want some Valheim good seeds for building a base in a challenging environment, use these seeds. You will counter some small bosses whenever you go out for farming. It must be a challenging but interesting experience. When you enter the world, you will spawn in a tiny meadow surrounded by large dense black forests.

Seed For Warriors
Use the best seed for warriors to build a base in a challenging biome.

#4. Best Seed For Metal Diggers

Seed code: t9n3WG6dFk and AnimeSucks

Tin and copper are two important and high-standard metals in Valheim. Players also need a lot of iron for crafting armor and weapons to counter bosses. Therefore, the best seeds for building bases in Valheim should allow players to spawn near these resources.

The above seeds are two of Valheim best seeds for building near metal sources in the Black Forest biome where copper and tin are very rich.

Valheim Black Forest For Metals
The Black Forest is the best biome to farm metals like tin and copper.

#5. Seed Code To Find Merchants

Seed code: Hu2N5rgDT5 and 42069lolxd

These two seed codes will give you easy access to the world where you can find merchants early and easily. The merchant Haldor in Valheim sells a lot of useful items and tools, such as Megingjord, bait, fishing rods, and Dverger Circlet. These tools will make your life in this game easier. Without these seeds, it's very hard to see him on various maps.

Haldor Merchant Megingjord Valheim
The merchant Haldor in Valheim sells a lot of useful items and tools to make your life easier.

#6. Best Seed For Building Stunning Bases

Seed code: szN8qp2lBn

Building a base in a beautiful landscape will make the game more enjoyable. This seed code will take you to a spectacular world for the most creative builders in Valheim.

While many players only focus on combating and defeating bosses, a lot of players in Valheim only enjoy crafting and building. This world seed with take you to a meadow with ruins, buried remains of a Viking longboat, stunning villages, and a lot of striking scenery.

Valheim Architecture
Building a base in a beautiful landscape is one of the most enjoyable activities in Valheim.

#7. Best Seed For An Idyllic Life

Seed Code: wVJCZahxX8

Apart from constructing, many Valheim players also enjoy the idyllic life with farming works.

Food is very important in the life of the most warlike Vikings. Especially, Valheim's Hearth and Home food system has introduced a variety of recipes and novel changes. You can grow carrots and vegetables for cooking. Besides, the game also lets you raise animals on your farm. Use the mentioned seed code to spawn in a village and start your idyllic life there.

Farming In Valheim
Many Valheim players also enjoy doing farming works and idyllic life.

#8. Best Seed For Seafarers 

Seed Code: LokiIsLive

Riding boats is one of the most exciting challenges in Valheim. Seafarers can use this seed code to seek an expanse of land and sea to explore. You can farm woods and build a boat to travel the sea in this stunning game world.

Valheim Voyage
Enjoy Valheim voyages.

#9. Seed Code For Central Location

Seed code: nDB9WybzUw andW2hUEJUEcM

If you want to spawn in central mountain ranges in Valheim, use the first seed code. If you need one of the Valheim best seeds for building a base with all resources around, the second one is the recommendation. On that central island, you can find almost everything you need to survive without having to start a voyage.

Those are the top 9 Valheim best seeds for building on the biomes you wish. Explore different corners of this stunning world and enjoy the activities you love.

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