Food is very important in the survival game Valheim. It makes this survival game more realistic and interesting. Moreover, food in Valheim gives you essential buffs. Check out the best Valheim hearth and home food recipes and combos here.

Valheim Hearth And Home Food
Food is very important in the survival game Valheim.

I. Valheim Hearth And Home Food Recipes

Valheim Hearth & Home update in 2021 has introduced many new food recipes. They are divided into two groups based on the main biomes where you need to explore to gather ingredients.

#1. Food In Plains

There are many food recipes in the plains in Valheim: Hearth & Home, including Lox meat pie and bread. You need to collect ingredients mainly from plains. Besides, some ingredients can be found in Meadow, Black Forest, and Swamp.

Valheim food recipe Ingredients Tools
Lox meat pie
  • Barley flour x4
  • Lox meat x2
  • Cloudberries x2
  • Windmill
  • Cooking station
  • Stone oven
  • Cauldron
  • Barley flour x10
  • Windmill
  • Stone oven
  • Cauldron
Blood pudding
  • Thistle x2
  • Blood bag x2
  • Barley flour x4
  • Cauldron
  • Windmill
Fish wraps
  • Barley Flour x4
  • Cooked fish x2
  • Cooking Station
  • Fishing pole
  • Cauldron
  • Windmill
Featured Valheim How To Cook Lox Meat
Many ingredients can only be farmed on plains.

#2. Food In Meadows, Black Forest, Ocean, & Marsh

Here are some Valheim Hearth and Home food recipes whose ingredients you need to collect mostly from Meadows and the Black Forest. Besides, you also have to explore Swamp or Ocean for further ingredients.

Valheim food recipe Ingredients Tools
Carrot soup
  • Mushroom x1
  • Carrot x3
  • Cauldron
  • Cultivator
Minced Meat Sauce
  • Neck tail x1
  • Boar meat x1
  • Carrot x1
  • Cauldron
  • Cultivator
Serpent Stew
  • Cooked serpent meat x1
  • Mushroom x1
  • Honey x2
  • Cooking Station
  • Cauldron
  • Raft/ship
  • Beehive
  • Raw meat x1
  • Entrails x2
  • Thistle x1
  • Cauldron

You need to go to those biomes to pick up ingredients. Then, bring them home to process and cook these dishes. Food in Valheim helps you heal your HP or supplies you with stamina.

Go Hunting For Food
Players have to go hunting for food in Meadows and the Black Forest.

II. Best Valheim Hearth & Home Food Combos

From the Valheim food tier list Hearth and Home, players can determine the effects of food in the game. Then, players can combine these dishes in some combos with different effects. Here are the best food combos in Valheim: Hearth & Home.

#1. Food Combo For Maximum Health

There are many dishes with Max health effects. When your HP is low, consume these dishes to expand your max health and stay alive. The food combo includes three items, including:

  • Lox Meat Pie: heals 75 HP.
  • Serpent Stew: heals 80 HP.
  • Fish Wraps: heals 70 HP.

The total HP you can heal after consuming this food combo is 255. Besides, the healing dishes in Valheim now give players a bonus of blocking power and stagger resistance. However, the low max stamina these dishes provide players makes it hard for them to attack and dodge much.

Lox Meat Pie
Lox Meat Pie gives 75 HP to players.

#2. Stamina Food Combo

Stamina is an important feature in agile playstyles. You need max stamina to move and dodge. Besides, you need stamina in combat against dangerous bosses, especially those who have long-range attacks. Stamina can be added by the Valheim food combo below:

  • Blood Pudding (70);
  • Bread (75);
  • Eyescream (65).

The total stamina this food combo provides you is 260. Besides, you can replace Blood pudding with Muckshake if you haven't got enough ingredients for that dish.

Valheim Hearth And Home Update Dinner
Bread is one of the best stamina food.

#3. Best Food Combo With A High Healing Rate

Some Valheim hearth and home food helps players heal HP faster. When you use them in a combo, you can heal 12HP per tick. This combo includes:

  • Serpent stew (4);
  • Fish wraps (4);
  • Cooked lox meat or lox meat pie (4).

Each dish in Valheim hearth and home food list has all three above effects, including maximum health, stamina, and healing rate. However, these statistics of each dish are unique.

Cooking In Valheim
Cooking in Valheim is interesting and essential.

III. Valheim Hearth And Home Cooking Guide

Cooking is an important daily mission in Valheim when you try hard. You need food to survive in this survival game. To cook in Valheim, you need to do some preparations and actions.

  • Craft cooking tools

Players need to have the cauldron, cooking station, stone oven, and other tools to process and cook ingredients. These tools can be built and crafted in the game.

Build A Raff To Go Fishing
Build a raff to go fishing and collect ingredients.
  • Farm ingredients

Apart from cooking tools, we also need ingredients, such as raw meat, mushroom, honey, carrots, etc. to cook. These ingredients can be farmed in the wild or grown in your gardens. For example, when you kill the deer in the forest, you will get raw meat. If you want to get fish, you need to go fishing.

Raise Animals Or Grow Carrots In Your Garden
Players can also raise animals or grow carrots in their gardens.
  • Get to the kitchen in your house and cook

Make sure that you have started the fire in your kitchen to cook. When you get close to the stove, click E to cook. If you stay too far from the stove, the game system will inform you.

Those are the best Valheim hearth and home food recipes and combos. Let's begin hunting and enjoy cooking in this stunning world of Valheim.

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