Valheim, 2020's breakout Viking survival game is back with its latest Heart and Home update. If this is your first time exploring the game, you'll soon realize things may get a little intense. You're slaying monsters in the Meadows just fine then as you enter the Black Forest biomes, some random troll just appears out of nowhere and whack you right back to spawn.

Valheim Cheat Console Chitin
Spawn more items than you will ever need!

To fight the tougher challengers in high-level biomes, you'll need to upgrade your items to match. Or, if you're lazy, slap in a full Valheim cheats list and become the immortal god of this game!

However, we have to warn you that you're using cheats at your own risk. Since Valheim is still in Early Access, cheat codes may negatively affect your save or even ruin your character. With that said, let's dive into the Valheim console commands.

Valheim Cheats List For Single-Player

Since its last version, Valheim developers have slightly tweaked the cheat system. Now, in order to use cheats in Single-Player, you must set it as a launch option in Steam. By default, the command console is locked. That means you cannot use cheats until you reset your launch option.

Valheim 1st Boss
If you're playing alone, why not try using the end-game gears to beat the first boss?

Activate Console Commands

Follow the instruction here to activate the console in Valheim:

  1. Open your Steam Library. Locate Valheim. Right-click on the game.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Under the General tab, select the Launch Options field.
  4. Type in "-console".
  5. Close the General tab. Launch Valheim.
  6. Once you're in the game, press F5 to open the console and enable cheats. Pressing F5 against will close the console.
  7. Type in "devcommands" and press enter to start using cheats. Previously, the command was 'imacheater' but Iron Gate changes it.
  8. To deactivate cheats, type "devcommands" and press enter again.

Congratulations, you're now officially a cheater. To activate a cheat code, bring up the console, type in the command, and hit enter. You can choose any cheat from the list down below. However, the following cheats only work in Single-Player mode.

List Of Valheim Cheats PC:

  • god: Enter god mode.
  • freefly: Activates the free camera.
  • ffsmooth 1: Adds smooth movements to free camera.
  • ffsmooth 0: Resets smooth movements to normal.
  • killall: Kills all nearby enemies.
  • tame: Tames all nearby creatures.
  • ghost: Enemies will ignore you.
  • exploremap: Reveals the entire map.
  • resetmap: Hides the entire map.
  • pos: Shows player coordinates.
  • goto [x,z]: Teleports player to the specified coordinates.
  • location: Sets spawn location.
  • tod: Set the time of day. Values are between 0-1 (tod .5 is noon, tod 0 and tod 1 are midnight. tod -1 returns the time of day to default).
  • event [name]: Starts the named event.
  • stopevent: Stops the current event.
  • randomevent: Starts a random event.
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount]: Raises the named skill by the value entered.
  • resetcharacter: Resets all of your character data.
  • dpsdebug: Toggles DPS debug print on and off.
  • save: Forces the game to save the current world state.
  • players [nr]: Adjusts the difficulty scale. Enter 0 to reset difficulty.
  • removedrops: Removes all items dropped in the area.
  • wind [angle][intensity]: Adjusts the direction and intensity of the wind.
  • resetwind: Resets the wind angle and intensity

Debug/Creative Mode Commands

In single player, you can enter debug mode to access a few more cheats. It also unlocks essentially a creative mode, allowing you to build without a workbench or resources.

  • debugmode: Enters creative mode.
  • B: Toggle for creative mode building, no workbench or resources needed.
  • Z: Toggle to fly. Spacebar gives you altitude, Ctrl brings you back down.
  • K: Tap to kill all nearby enemies and creatures within range.
Valheim Cheat Console Building
Fly high up to the sky to take beautiful wide-angle shots.

Valheim Cheats List For Multi-Player

Only the server admins can use the console to enter commands on the server. To bring up the console, press F5.

The list of commands for Multi-Player includes:

  • help: Shows all the available server commands
  • kick [name/ip/userID]: Kicks the named user
  • ban [name/ip/userID]: Bans the named user
  • unban [ip/userID]: Unbans the named user
  • banned: Shows a full list of banned users
  • ping: Pings the server to measure latency.
  • lodbias [number]: Sets the draw distance for the server. The number can be set from 1 to 5.
  • info: Prints the current system information.
Valheim Cheat Console Multiplayer
Don't try using cheats in Multiplayer if you're not the host.

Spawn Items Cheat Commands In Valheim

The structure of a spawn item command in Valheim consists of 3 parts:

  • The command itself
  • The item's name
  • Item's quantity

For example, if you want to spawn 100 Amber, the command should be: "spawn Amber 100".

Valheim Cheat Console
Cheat commands will help you build your base much quicker.

Note: You have to type in the exact name of the item, including the upper-case letters. Also, the items you spawn will fall to the ground next to you rather than appear in your inventory.

Here's what you can spawn:

  • Materials: ores, wood, core wood,...
  • Spawners (where enemies spawn)
  • Building parts
  • Food items
  • Weapons and armors
  • Transportations

Check out the list of popular items to spawn in Valheim:


  • DeerHide
  • DragonEgg
  • DragonTear
  • ElderBark
  • WolfFang
  • WolfPelt
  • Iron
  • IronNails
  • IronOre
  • IronScrap
  • LeatherScraps
  • Wood
  • RoundLog (Core Wood)
  • SerpentMeat
  • YagluthDrop
Valheim Cheat Console Beautiful
Spawn whatever you need!


  • ArmorBronzeChest
  • ArmorBronzeLegs
  • ArmorIronChest
  • ArmorIronLegs
  • ArmorLeatherChest
  • ArmorLeatherLegs
  • ArmorPaddedCuirass
  • ArmorPaddedGreaves
  • ArmorRagsChest
  • ArmorRagsLegs
  • ArmorTrollLeatherChest
  • ArmorTrollLeatherLegs
  • ArmorWolfChest
  • ArmorWolfLegs
  • CapeDeerHide
  • CapeLinen
  • CapeLox
  • CapeOdin
  • CapeTest
  • CapeTrollHide
  • CapeWolf
  • HelmetBronze
  • HelmetDrake
  • HelmetDverger
  • HelmetIron
  • HelmetLeather
  • HelmetOdin
  • HelmetPadded
  • HelmetTrollLeather
  • HelmetYule


  • AtgeirBlackmetal
  • AtgeirBronze
  • AtgeirIron
  • Battleaxe
  • Bow
  • BowDraugrFang
  • BowFineWood
  • BowHuntsman
  • KnifeBlackMetal
  • KnifeChitin
  • KnifeCopper
  • KnifeFlint
  • MaceBronze
  • MaceIron
  • MaceNeedle
  • MaceSilver
  • ShieldBanded
  • ShieldBlackmetal
  • ShieldBlackmetalTower
  • ShieldBronzeBuckler
  • ShieldIronSquare
  • ShieldIronTower
  • ShieldKnight
  • ShieldSerpentscale
  • ShieldSilver
  • ShieldWood
  • ShieldWoodTower
  • SledgeIron
  • SledgeStagbreaker
  • SpearBronze
  • SpearChitin
  • SpearElderbark
  • SpearFlint
  • SpearWolfFang
  • SwordBlackmetal
  • SwordBronze
  • SwordCheat
  • SwordIron
  • SwordIronFire
  • SwordSilver
  • Tankard
  • TankardOdin
  • Club
  • Torch (Yes, you can hit enemies with torches and set them on fire)
Valheim Cheat Console Frostner
Beating the game has never been this easy!


  • ArrowBronze
  • ArrowFire
  • ArrowFlint
  • ArrowFrost
  • ArrowIron
  • ArrowNeedle
  • ArrowObsidian
  • ArrowPoison
  • ArrowSilver
  • ArrowWood


  • AxeBronze
  • AxeFlint
  • AxeIron
  • AxeStone
  • AxeBlackMetal
  • PickaxeAntler
  • PickaxeBronze
  • PickaxeIron
  • PickaxeStone
  • Cultivator
  • FishingRod
  • Hammer
  • Hoe
Valheim Ship
Imagine how long it will take to build this ship without cheats.

Magic Items

  • BeltStrength (Carry more weight)
  • Wishbone (Locate nearby treasures)
  • HelmetDverger (A helmet that emits light)


  • Bread
  • BloodPudding
  • Blueberries
  • Carrot
  • CarrotSoup
  • Cloudberry
  • CookedLoxMeat
  • CookedMeat
  • FishCooked
  • Honey
  • Mushroom
  • MushroomBlue
  • MushroomYellow
  • NeckTailGrilled
  • Raspberry
  • QueensJam
  • Sausages
  • SerpentMeatCooked
  • SerpentStew
  • Turnip
  • TurnipStew


  • MeadBaseFrostResist
  • MeadBaseHealthMedium
  • MeadBaseHealthMinor
  • MeadBasePoisonResist
  • MeadBaseStaminaMedium
  • MeadBaseStaminaMinor
  • MeadBaseTasty
  • MeadFrostResist
  • MeadHealthMedium
  • MeadHealthMinor
  • MeadPoisonResist
  • MeadStaminaMedium
  • MeadStaminaMinor
  • MeadTasty


  • Cart
  • Raft
  • Karve
  • VikingShip
  • Trailership


  • Haldor (Sells magical items, which you can also spawn)

This is just a fraction of the item list that you can spawn in Valheim. However, these are by far the most useful ones in the game. Other items whose names include the "_" should be avoided. Some players reportedly crash the game or suffer from corrupted files after trying to spawn these items.

Valheim Smith
Spawn raw materials only to avoid the game crashing.

If you plan to use cheats, we suggest creating a new character instead of using your existing one. Should things go sideways, you won't lose a character that you've already poured in a lot of time and effort.

Since Valheim saves characters and worlds separately, you can take advantage of this to cheat even more. Switch to your Single-Player world, use commands to spawn all kinds of items you want. Stuff the items onto your inventory and bring them to a Multi-Player server.


How Do You Cheat To Fly In Valheim?

Answer: You can use Valheim console commands to fly in Single-Player mode or Multi-Player mode (Host only). Here's how to do it:

  1. Enable console commands from Steam Library.
  2. Press F5 on your keyboard to bring up the console.
  3. Type in "debugmode". Hit Enter. You're now in the Valheim creative mode.
  4. Press Z to start flying. When you hit the Spacebar, you'll fly higher. Press Ctrl to decrease altitude.
  5. Type in "debugmode" and hit Enter again to exit the Creative Mode.

How Do You Spawn Money In Valheim?

The only currency in Valheim is called "coins". And of course, you can use cheats to get an infinite supply of them. On a Multi-Player server, this wouldn't be fair for others joining the same session. However, we don't see why you should not get rich on your own Single-Player server.

Valheim Coins
Be the richest Viking who has ever lived!

Here's how to spawn infinite coins in Valheim:

  1. Press F5 on to bring up the console.
  2. Type in "spawn Coins X". Replace the X with a number of coins.
  3. Hit Enter. A stack of coins will magically appear next to you.
  4. Continue using the commands to spawn coins to meet your desire.
  5. Press F5 to close the console.


  • Don’t try to spawn way too many coins at once. If you attempt to go with huge amounts such as 999999, the game will crash.
  • Ideally, spawn any items, including coins, in small increments up to 1000 only. You can do so multiple times to avoid the game crashing.

How Do You Spawn The Best Weapon In Valheim?

You can use the spawn commands to spawn the best equipment the game has to offer. In the latest Heart and Home update, Iron Gate introduced the new Crystal Battleaxe. You can obtain this weapon for free!

The command for spawning weapons is: "spawn [item name] [quantity]".

Valheim Tiger Tank
Let your imagination run wild!

Here are our recommendations for the best weapons in Valheim. You can just copy and replace them into the command.

  • AtgeirBlackmetal
  • Battleaxe
  • BowDraugrFang
  • KnifeBlackMetal
  • MaceSilver (Frostner - the best mace in the game)

That concludes our article on Valheim cheats list. We hope these console commands come in handy in your journey with the game. For more exciting articles on gaming, visit our website at

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