Valheim is a Viking-inspired survival game where players can explore a generated world with numerous biomes and bosses to fight. Skeletons are one of the many hostile mobs you will encounter in the game. To defeat them, one needs to know about Valheim Skeleton weakness, where they spawn, and such.

Valheim Skeletons
Our guide will help you defeat skeletons without breaking a sweat.

Valheim Skeleton weakness & drops

Skeletons in Valheim are an aggressive mob that mainly spawn in the Black Forest and Swamp biomes. They are not tameable, do not drown, and will walk on the seafloor instead.

Skeleton drops

The Skeleton in Valheim can drop the following materials. The higher level the enemies have, the more items of each drop player will get.

  • Valheim skeleton trophy: Skeleton trophies are rare drops from the Skeletons. You can display the trophy in an item stand and use it to create a Bone tower shield.
  • Bone fragments: With level 1, you can get 1 Bone Fragment. Level 2 and level 3 give 2 and 4 bone fragments respectively, with a drop rate of 100%.
Valheim Skeleton Trophy
Valheim Skeleton Trophy, one of the rare drops from skeletons

Valheim Skeleton weakness

Skeleton in Valheim is weak against Blunt and Fire. Fire is also Valheim Draugr weakness.

Meanwhile, the skeleton health and damage are 40 and 15-25. Its resistance is Poison and Pierce.

Burial Chambers
Valheim Draugr weakness is also Fire.

Skeleton locations

Skeletons in Valheim usually spawn in three types of locations, including dungeons, some typical biomes, and raids. Besides, players can also spawn Valheim skeletons using cheat commands.

1. Dungeon(s)

  • Burial Chambers: Players can access this dungeon by searching for stone entrances that the skeletons guard.

2. Biomes(s)

  • Swamp: Treacherous biomes where even terrains can be a threat.
  • Black Forest: The Elder is the boss of this biome. Besides Skeletons, the Dark Woods also host Trolls and Greydwarves.
  • Stone Grave: Those who look for Valheim Skeleton meadows can see these graves spawning an undead skeleton. However, they are seemingly tied to the monolith and stuck in the stone.
Swamp Biome
You can find scary skeletons in swamp biomes.

3. Raid(s)

  • Swamp Creature Raids: available when players defeat The Elder at least one time and discover a Swamp biome.
  • Skeleton Raids: available when players can defeat Bonemass at least once.

4. Enemy Spawn

Skeleton can also be spawned by console command if you do not mind using Valheim cheats. Type "imacheater" in the F5 console to turn on the cheat codes, then use the Skeleton spawn command to spawn this enemy.

Skeleton battle strategy

Generally, Skeletons wield a sword and attack players up-close. They also use a bow to shoot arrows from a distance.

Being aware of Valheim Skeleton weakness and its attack patterns will help you defeat it without breaking a sweat.

1. Reduce their quantity

Upon encountering Skeletons, players will mostly see the mobs gathering in a small bunch of 3-5 Skeletons. You should slowly decrease their number first as a small Skeleton group can still destroy an unprepared gamer.

Skeleton Valheim
Run away first to have the skeleton group lining up, making it easier to defeat them.

2. Use blunt weapons

As this mob is naturally weak to blunt weapons, using Bronze Maze, Stagbreaker, Club, or even the Torch will come in handy.

Using swords to slash them will not help much.

Use Fire or Blunt-related weapons to fight them.

3. Use strategies for certain kinds of Skeletons

Valheim Skeletons do not deal much damage but can be extremely fatal in groups. When you have to fight multiple melee Skeletons, run away to have them lined up, then defeat them one after one.

For ranged mobs, keep sidestepping to avoid their arrows while also advancing to cast the killing blow.

How to find and beat Valheim green skeleton

Rancid Remains, aka green skeletons, are rare creatures often found in Burial Chambers. They are a bit stronger and larger than regular Skeletons. While their melee attacks inflict Poison, they do not respawn but can have stars.

On another hand, players can find this mob in the Meadows. However, they find it more difficult to spawn here.

To get green skeletons defeated, you have to stay far away from them when fighting as they can poison you if you get too close.

Rancid Remains
Rancid Remains can be found in Valheim skeleton meadows.

How to stop skeletons from spawning in Valheim

Skeletons can be defeated, but it will pose a big problem if there are too many of them at the same time.

Here are the current methods to prevent them from spawning in your area.

1. The Workbench

This method requires putting covered workbenches surrounding the place to make sure there is no gap without coverage. Enemies can spawn with even the slightest space you do not fill.

To find the areas that need coverage, use the hammer to equip a wall and roam around. Rinse and repeat until you have 100% covered your town.

Valheim hoe
Another way to reduce spawns or to mitigate them entirely is to level out the ground the entire area.

2. The Hoedown

Another way to stop skeletons from spawning, use the Hoe to level your whole town. Players do not have to make the entire area flat, just make sure there will be no grass left for things to spawn at.

The Hoedown has received adverse opinions from the community. While this can cause eyesores in the early game, you can totally make this look good later.

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