One of the biggest factors contributing to the massive success of Minecraft should be its Survival mode. Players must collect resources, build structures, manage hunger, battle modes, and much more to explore the world and survive. However, if you find that Minecraft’s Survival mode is a bit too easy for you, don’t worry, we have several more challenging survival games that will surely satisfy you.

The Forest

The Forest is one of the best survival games developed and published by Endnight Games in 2018. While there won’t be any zombies in The Forest, it is still a horrifying game, with lots of mutants and cannibals who love to kill you. 

The Forest Survival Games 2
The Forest was one of the most anticipated survival games at the time.

The Forest Survival Game

In this game, you will be a father (Eric Leblanc), whose son (Timmy) was kidnapped by cannibals after their plane had crashed on an unknown island. You will have to do everything in your power to stay alive and save your son.

The crafting interface of this game is pretty interesting. It allows players to create shelter, weapons, and other survival tools to survive.

Night of the Dead

Night of the Dead is relatively new as it was released just over two months ago, on 28 Aug 2020. The primary objective of this game is to survive and explore a vast island, which is covered with zombies. The main character of this game is Lucy, who wakes up from a human experiment. Aside from surviving the nightly zombie waves, she also has to communicate with a small group of survivors to get out of the island.

Night Of The Dead Survival Game 1

Night Of The Dead Survival Game 2

Similar to Minecraft, players have to look for resources, tools, and craft weapons as well as make buildings to defend themselves from zombies at night. However, you will find this game to be much more realistic and violent than Minecraft.

Dying Light

Dying Light, released in 2015, is a survival game developed by Techland. The story of this game revolves around Kyle Crane, who is an undercover again sent to infiltrate a quarantine zone in a city. In this game, there is a dynamic day-night cycle, in which Daytime lasts for around 64 minutes, while nighttime lasts for around 7 minutes. The zombies will be clumsy and slow during the day but will be very aggressive at night. 

Dying Light Survival Game 1

Dying Light Survival Game 2

You can play the game alone or enjoy it with your friends in the asymmetrical multiplayer mode or four-player co-operative multiplayer mode. The gameplay is mostly focused on free running and weapon-based combat, allowing users to choose between fighting the zombies or running away from dangers. 

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is among the best zombie survival games, and deservedly so. The game takes place during the aftermath of the Third World War that destroyed most of the world, except for several areas. The main character survived the war and he needs to stay alive by finding food, water, and shelter. He also has to scavenge for supplies to build a strong base to fend off the zombies. Similar to Minecraft and Dying Light, this game also has a dynamic day/night cycle, in which it gets more dangerous at night. 

7 Days To Die Survival Game 1

7 Days To Die Survival Game 2


DayZ is a hardcore open-world survival game. In this game, there is only one rule and that is staying alive. Players are placed in the fictional post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus, where a disease has turned everyone into zombies. Being in a survival game, players have to look for water, food, medicine, and weapons as well as kill or avoid zombies in order to survive. However the infected is not your only enemy in this game as there are also other humans in the game, who might kill you for your supplies.

Dayz Survival Game 1

Dayz Survival Game 2

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