Minecraft is one of the biggest open-world sandbox ever made, and it is filled to the brim with features. Amongst them, taming is probably the most popular. Players can tame wild mobs in the environment and use them to unlock various new features.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 mobs to tame in Minecraft.

5 - Axolotl

The Axolotl is a new animal introduced in the most recent patch, Caves and Cliffs. They are usually considered an aquatic hybrid of wolves and foxes. There are five variants of Axolotls and they can be scooped up in buckets.

Axolotl has 5 colors

Players can use Tropical Fish to bait the Axolotl into attacking Drowned and Guardians. When injured, the Axolotls have a chance to fake their death, dropping to the ocean floor to heal.

4 - Wolf

Wolves often appear in packs in forest and taiga biomes. They are neutral unless attacked and can be named using bones. Wolves don't get food poisoning so you can feed them with pretty much everything, from rotten flesh to pufferfishes. Once tamed, it will follow the player and attack mobs hostile to them.

Wolf in Minecraft
Wolf in Minecraft is the best combat pet

Skeletons avoid wolves, just like how creepers avoid cats. Having a pack of both wolves and cats in your travel will let you scatter dangerous mobs.

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3 - Horse

Transportation mobs like Horses are essential in travel and exploring. You are likely to do a lot of that in this game, and having a horse will save a lot of time. They can be found in plains biomes and can be tamed by repeatedly trying to ride it until it stops bucking you off.

Minecraft Horses
Horses let you move around much faster

Horses come with varying stats like movement speed, jump height, health... all of which can be improved through breeding. You can also get armors to improve their durability. There are 35 colors variations for players to collect.

2 - Skeleton Horse

Skeleton horses are mostly identical to horses in function. However, they look cooler, move faster, and are more durable. You can create this mob by hitting a regular horse with lightning. They can be tamed in the same way as a regular horse.

Skeleton horses
Skeleton horses are pretty rare - it is amongst the best mobs to tame in Minecraft

Skeleton horses can't drown and can walk across the ocean floor. They are perfect for exploring underwater. You can only heal this horse with potions of harming due to its undead nature.

1 - Donkey/Llama/Mule

These are the packing animals of Minecraft - all of them can carry a chest in exchange for 15 inventory slots. As you need to lug around a lot of resources in Minecraft, getting a few of these guys is vital. They would let you save a lot of time doing round trips.

Minecraft Llamas
Llamas let you have unlimited storage for all your hoarding needs

The Llama is probably the best amongst them, as they automatically follow each other. A pack of 10 Llamas (the maximum amount) gives you 1350 item slots, perfect for base moving.

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