Building a shelter to settle in is one of the most important things to do in Minecraft. In this article, we are going to list out the best biomes for beginners in Minecraft, along with their pros and cons.

1 - Plains

This is the best biome for newbies to create their first house. Plains are flat and do not require much terraforming. The best part about this biome is its abundance of animals - you can create farms as soon as possible without having to scout around. This is usually considered the optimal amongst biomes for beginners in Minecraft.

Sunflower Plains

Try to find a spot with easy access to at least 2 of these 3 resources: water, trees and sand. This will speed up your base building speed significantly.

2 - Forest

Forest has lots of wood, which is a crucial resource for beginners. It is the foundation of many essential crafting recipes. While it requires a bit of terraforming, the trees make for good scenery and therefore definitely worth it.

Swampy forest

Just be careful at night, as the forest has a lot of hostile mobs and closed space. You might need to secure a method of travel to move around safely.

3 - Mushroom Fields

This is a rare biome in Minecraft that's really hard to find... however if you are lucky and managed to get one, the Mushroom Fields is definitely top tier. No hostile mobs can spawn in this biome, which makes a peaceful Minecraft experience. The whole area is populated with rare Mooshrooms, who are useful for their Suspicious Stew.

Mushroom Fields
Mushroom Fields are filled with giant mushrooms

The main problem of this biome is that you can't get wood unless you create a tree farm.

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4 - Ocean

The Ocean is a great biome to build your base in if you are able to deal with the lack of resources and oxygen. It is flat so no terraforming is required. Ocean also provides excellent defense against hostile mobs and players. The initial setup is the hardest and most time-consuming, of course, as you need to go back and forth to gather as many resources as possible.

Ocean biome
Ocean biome can have small islands like this.

From wood to animals, you have to bring pretty much everything from the mainland. However, the base would look super awesome when it is completed.

5 - Mountain

Another biome that requires a lot of work. The Mountain has a perfect defense and very scenic views, along with access to emerald ores on their bases. Exposed stone makes it easier for beginning players to obtain them, which in turn making it easier to upgrade both gear and building materials.

Mountain Biome
Mountain Biome can be super useful.

Just be careful when moving around in this biome, as falling can be lethal depending on the height of the fall.

That's all the best biomes for beginners in Minecraft. Do come back for more gaming tips!

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