Technically, donkeys in Minecraft are not much the horse’s cousins. But the fact that it is a versatile creature to help you in various situations cannot be denied.

In our article, we will discuss everything about the animal, from where to find it, how can we breed them to how to tame a donkey in Minecraft. Many may say that horses are another level compared to this animal, but we should not be too quick to make assumptions.

Before using a donkey for your goals. you need to tame it.

About Minecraft donkeys

Where to find them

Apparently, we only have two biomes where donkeys normally spawn: plains and savannahs.

Once players have found a donkey, taming it is all about ensuring you hold nothing before mounting it. As it is quite stubborn, the experience might not end up too smoothly.

How to use

Donkeys can be ridden with a saddle like horses and also hop over ledges or fences which players usually find hard to get over.

Also, this animal can carry inventory when it is equipped with a chest. Being able to bring up to 15 different items at a time, they are the perfect pack animals to keep you company.

Lead A Donkey
Players can ride a donkey or lead it with a leash.

Note that you cannot remove the chest once you have fastened it on your donkey. This, though, shall not be a big problem as you can take any items out of the chest at will.

Moreover, in case you cannot ride it or do not want to ride it through a certain terrain or area, you may use a lead on it and then drag it out of the areas. In order to make this possible, first, you need to know the way to tame a donkey in Minecraft.

Tame A Donkey
Be patient and keep mounting until it gives in.

How to tame a donkey in Minecraft

To tame a Minecraft donkey, you only need to mount it until hearts appear atop their head and they no longer buck you. As aforementioned, do not hold anything while you try to have it tamed.

You will definitely be bucked off sometimes, but keep trying until you succeed.

Also, you can feed them with a multitude of the same things as their horse counterparts.

  1. Wheat
  2. Sugar
  3. Apple
  4. Haybale
  5. Golden Carrot
  6. Golden Apple

These are all useful when teaming or healing the donkeys. However, just the golden carrots and golden apples are suitable for breeding donkeys.

How to breed donkeys in Minecraft

Feeding tamed donkeys with golden carrots or apples will activate their love mode. The babies will grow larger in time until reaching their mature size. Also, the offsprings don’t belong to the user who owns the parents.

Keep in mind that you should keep those foals in a closed or fenced area so they won’t wander off and get tangled in threatening situations.

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