In the open-world sandbox title Minecraft, players can opt to live their lives in any way they like. There are various ways to enjoy the game and a majority of gamers choose to craft and build as their types of entertainment. Out of everything you can create, food is among the most varied ones.

The cake is among those Minecraft foods that you can create and make for a good reason. Down below is our take on how to make a cake in Minecraft and everything you should know.

How can you make a Cake in Minecraft?

About Cake in Minecraft

Cake is the food block that you can eat and regain health points if they get damaged. This special block of food cannot be devoured from hand. You have to eat it by placing it on a hard block. While there are 6 slices for each cake, you can only eat one slice for each use.

Per bite, it will restore players’ hunger saturation by 0.4 and this can be considered quite low compared to other food items in Minecraft.

Moreover, you will be able to restore 14 hunger and heal after eating the entire cake. After everything is finished off, the cake will just completely disappear.

Cake House
Players even build a cake house for themselves in the game.

You can craft a Candle Cake by adding a Candle atop an uneaten one. It will have a glowing candle on the top and you can light it up with Steel and Flint.

Once placed, you cannot obtain a cake by breaking and the act will not drop anything off.

How to make a Cake in Minecraft

Required material

You will need four items to make a cake in total. These materials require farming and a tad bit of while to collect. Gamers need the following:

  • 3 Milk Bucket
  • 2 Sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Wheat
Cake Recipe
Recipe to craft a cake in Minecraft

Detailed instruction

And here is all you need to do if you want to learn how to make a Cake in Minecraft.

  • First, make a bucket with 3 Iron Ingots from the crafting tables. You can then click on goat or cows with the empty bucket in order to obtain a bucket of milk.
  • Next, get Sugar from Honey Bottles or by processing some Sugarcane in your crafting table.
  • While eggs can be collected from chests or from when some chicken randomly drops it, players can obtain wheat by farming or building a Wheat farm. Another way you can get the last material is from chests.
  • Place 3 milk buckets on the top row, a sugar-egg-sugar order for the second one, and 3 wheat on the bottom row. After the recipe is completed, the buckets will return to your inventory.

There you have it, the Minecraft cake you always wanted. You can check out more similar guides for your favorite games on Gurugamer!

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