There are a lot of materials in Minecraft. For the most part, you can safely farm these materials from the surrounding terrains or from mining. However, some of them are exclusive drops from hostile mobs and monsters only. To make matters worse, the mob drops are crucial to craft very important items in the game. For example, slimeballs. They're used in two of the most useful recipes but cannot be farmed from mining or digging. You can only acquire slimeballs from killing slime in Minecraft.

Minecraft Slime In Cave
Here's how to locate these bouncy guys for some slimeballs.

What is A Slime in Minecraft?

Well, slimes are the green cube-shaped hostile monsters that normally bounce around chasing you in the Swamp biomes and Slime Chunks. If you encounter a full-sized slime and attack it, it will drop several smaller slimes instead of the actual loot. Defeating the smaller slimes will then spawn baby ones. Take them down and collect your loot. But still, that's a lot of work for just one slime.

Slime Minecraft
Slimes can also spawn in the swamp.

Where to Find Slime in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, slimes spawn only in the Overworld. You can find them in slime chunks - underground slime lair, or in the Swamp biome at night. The spawn rate of slimes in the swamp will greatly increase on the day of a full moon. However, there aren't any specific swamp slime variants.

How To Find Slimeballs
Slimeballs are the exclusive drop from slimes.

In the slime chunks, slimes spawn randomly. Each chunk will have the same chance of turning into slime. So do be mindful of them!

Slime's Attacks and Behaviour

Slimes move around by jumping. They're advanced mobs with the ability to swim or climb ladders in the game. Naturally, slime is hostile towards players, Iron Golems, and Snow Golems. They will charge forward until in range to attack or the target moves out of the aggro zone.

Make A Piston In Minecraft
You will need a lot of slimeballs for the Redstone contraptions later.

The Slimes damage and health depends upon its size. The bigger the slime, the more damage it does, and the more health it has. The smallest slimes cannot even hurt you. Slimes have only one melee attack that deals 4 hearts when it is big, 2 hearts when it is medium, and 0 hearts when it is small. However, they attack two times as fast as other mobs in the game.


Slimes drop only one item upon death - slimeballs. They are used in making Leads and Sticky Pistons. Leads come in super handy when you need to leash mobs from far away, and the sticky pistons have such a wide range of usage that we wouldn't be bothered to speak of right now.

How To Make A Lead In Minecraft
Slimeballs are also required to craft leads.

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