You'll be surprised at how many types of plants and edibles you can find in Minecraft. It does make sense when the game is 10 years in the making now, but we're not here today to talk about that. We meant to talk about pumpkins in Minecraft, more specifically where to find them and how you can farm them. Let's get to it!

Minecraft Pumpkin
Here what you need to know about pumpkins.

Pumpkins in Minecraft

Pumpkins are truly versatile plants that can be used in various ways in Minecraft. They're a food source as well as an essential material to create some Golem friends. So, where can you find some pumpkins in Minecraft?

Spawn Location

Pumpkins are quite common and can be found in multiple biomes in Minecraft. They usually spawn in grassy places there is at least 1 grass block. Like watermelons, pumpkins often grow their fruits on the adjacent grass blocks.

Minecraft Pumpkin Spawn
Naturally, they spawn where there's at least 1 grass block.

Pumpkins can also spawn farm rooms in Woodland Mansions or in Pillager outposts, as well as in snowy taiga and taiga villages. You will notice them right from afar thanks to that glowing orange color.


Unlike other food crops that you may harvest by hand, pumpkins require axes. Breaking pumpkins with axes will drop pumpkins blocks. You may use other tools to break the pumpkin, but it will take much longer. So stick to the axe.


Pumpkins go for a lot of uses in Minecraft. Here what you can do with them:

Jack Ingame
Use a shear to carve the pumpkin, then add a torch to make Jack o'lantern.
  • Trade with villagers
  • Eats as food (Pumpkin Pies)
  • Carve to make helmets
  • Create snow and iron golems
  • Make Jack o'lantern

How to Farm Pumpkins in Minecraft

Pumpkin is a farmable crop in the game. You can grow new pumpkins from seeds. Each plant produces one pumpkin when they're ready. But unlike other farm crops like wheat or carrots, pumpkins have quite a different growth pattern.

Minecraft Pumpkin Farm
Here's who you want to build your basic pumpkin farm.

When others only need one block, growing pumpkins actually require two blocks. The same goes for watermelons. So, when you're farming pumpkins, do not waste your time by hoeing the whole field. Leave a row in the middle or at least one block surrounding the plan for its fruit to grow. Otherwise, there'll be no pumpkins.

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