Glow Squid is one of the newest available mobs in Minecraft. The game is avid in adding new mobs and enemies for gamers to interact with and it includes both creatures on land and down below the sea.

For the unknown, the Glow Squid topped the Minecraft Live 2020 Mob Vote and was transferred from Minecraft Earth to the main game. While it may be quite challenging to spot them as some would not know where to look, our guide will show you where to find Glow Squid in Minecraft as well as its use.

Glow Squid In Minecraft
Glow Squids won the Minecraft Live 2020 Mob Vote and got added to the main game.

About Glow Squid

Glow Squid is currently the best underwater mob in Minecraft thanks to its unique features. Finding one is not easy either, that's why this animal attracts lots of attention from players.


Glow Squids behave similarly to common Minecraft Squids. The only difference is that they emit a little glow. The texture pack you have active will decide how vivid the glow is.

This mob opens and closes its tentacles which makes them appear leisurely when pushing themselves forward. Although Glow Squids glow, they do not produce light. They will stop gleaming for five seconds when attacked.

Moreover, they can’t swim in lava even when imposed with Fire Resistance. They just pass through it and act as if they are on land.

Glow Squid In Minecraft 3
They can't produce light.

Breeding Glow Squids triggers many players' curiosity. However, while they have a baby variant in the Bedrock Edition, we currently have no methods to breed Glow Squids.

Glow Squid’s use in Minecraft

The Glow Ink Sacs they drop can be one of the materials to make a Glow Item Frame. A Glow Item Frame also lets players show their favorite items and weapons in their house like common Frames.

But in fact, the Glow Item Frames will shine in the dark, looking much more appealing. We can also use it on signs to make the text glow and slightly stand out.

Where to find Glow Squid in Minecraft

Users will have the opportunity to see Minecraft Glow Squid deep underwater. The Y-axis needs to stay at around 63 before we reach them. Also, they spawn in complete darkness.

Glow Squid In Minecraft 4
Where to find Glow Squid in Minecraft? Deep down the sea.

Luckily, it takes less effort to seek them thanks to their glow. Glow Squids usually spawn a tad bit over the ocean bottom. Moreover, they swim in a group of 2 to 4 which makes it easier for players to encounter more than one each time. Typically, Glow Squids are passive towards Minecraft players.

Minecraft is here to stay and it’s a fact. It keeps on bringing about new content and maintains as one of the most popular games worldwide. It not only sparks creativity but also works as an educational tool.

Glow Squids are only one of the many additions to emerge in the future. After the first half of the Caves and Cliff update went on floors, players are highly looking forward to seeing the second half Mojang will introduce next.

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