Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games in the world. Into the game, you can use blocks that represent different materials to build whatever you want with your creativity.

While building a house in Minecraft requires quite a lot of time, effort, it's all worth it when the building is finished and you can get to see your dream house come true. The hardest part is always to come up with a cool house design or concept first.

You can check out this list of the top 5 Minecraft best house designs for you to build or get some inspiration for something original.

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You can make your dream house come true in Minecraft.

1. Underground Minecraft house

Who says that your house needs to be above the ground? Building an underground house in Minecraft will be a lot of fun. They are totally functional, good-looking, unique, and quite easy to build as well. You can take a look at the design of an underground base from the Minecraft Youtuber Folli.

underground houseminecraft
Folli's underground house in Minecraft lit up nicely at night.

He builds one big groom underground with 4 entrances from all four cardinal directions. The ceiling is made of see-through Glass to light up the room during the day. With some decoration and the soft Glowstone, the base gives a comfortable and warm feeling looking inside during the night.

The structure is very simple so anyone can build it easily just by taking a look at the design

If you are interested to make it a little bigger and roomier, you can check out the house of the Minecraft YouTuber ItsMarloe. His base has 5 rooms in total, giving you more space for various activities. Of course, it will be a little bit more complicated to build.

2. Modern Minecraft house

If you are someone who is more into a modern artistic-looking house in the middle of the wilderness, we also have something for you here. Below is a quite unique Modern Minecraft house design by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial, a Minecraft YouTuber who majored in architecture in Korea.

Minecraft Best House Designs
This house is definitely one of the best Minecraft best house designs at the moment.

The house has a really distinct look by using only White Concrete and Glass for the structure. As for the interior, he goes for a warmer look using wood and gold.

It is going to be quite complicated to build this house on your own. You can check out his video below as he shows you the layout of the how and builds it from the ground up.

3. Minecraft treehouse

Treehosue is another great choice because they look good, creative, and you can get all the materials to build the house really early. Below are three best Minecraft treehouse designs that you can build easily in the early game. Since these treehouses are built on a tree, they are going to be quite small.

Still, it probably still gonna take you a few days in Minecraft to gather all the necessary material to build them.

If you are looking for a big Minecraft treehouse, you can take a look at the design of Shock Frost below. He has successfully made a house that looks like an old giant tree with big roots on the ground and dangling Glowstones.

Minecraft Treehouse
Giant Minecraft Treehouse design by Shock Frost

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4. Minecraft farmhouse

If you are looking to be self-sufficient with a Minecraft farmhouse, here are some Minecraft best house designs. First, I will start off with a very simple, compact farmhouse design made by the Minecraft YouTuber Cubey.

Best Minecraft House Designs
Cubey Minecraft farmhouse design

If you are looking for something that is more sophisticated, you can take a look at the design of JUNS MAB Architecture below. The raised design with square farms makes it look absolutely fascinating.

Minecraft Best House Designs
JUNS MAB Architecture farm house design

5. Wooden Minecraft house

Wooden Minecraft house designs are something for people who love simplicity. You don't need to spend days looking for some specific materials to build a beautiful house. First, we are going to take a look at the design of the Minecraft YouTuber WiederDude. he will show you how to make a lovely 2 stories wooden house out of only Glass and Wood.

If you prefer something simpler and more symmetrical, you can check out this design by Greg Builds.

Minecraft Best House Designs 1
Greg Builds Minecraft wooden house design

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