You are entering your first game ever in the survival mode of Minecraft with almost nothing and you don't know what to do. But the time is running out as when the night comes, hostile mobs in Minecraft will start coming for you. While there are many ways to deal with this, most new players will confuse about what they should do and waste the whole day.

In this article, we will show you all the most essential things you need to do on the first day in Minecraft.

1. Make a Crafting table

To survive the very first day in Minecraft, you have to get yourself a crafting table. This would assist you a lot in creating essential items for your long-term survival.

  • Use a dirt pillar to mark your spawn location and note the coordinates.
  • Use your hand to hit a tree to get 20 Wood blocks.
  • Use your Wood to craft 4 Wood Planks and use 4 wood planks to make a Crafting Table.
Crafting Table
You can make a Crafting Table using 4 Wood Planks
  • Place the Crafting Table on the ground.

2. Make tools and weapons

After having a crafting table, now you can use it to make tools and weapons to fight mobs and enemies in the game.

  • Use your Crafting Table to make sticks from Wood Planks.
  • You can craft a Wooden Pickaxe from sticks and Wood Planks.
  • Find a hill and use your Wooden Pickaxe to mine 20 Cobblestone blocks.
  • You can use these Cobblestone blocks to craft stone tools, which are much better than wooden tools and weapons.

Below are the recipes of necessary tools and weapons for your first day in Minecraft.

Stone Axe recipe:

Stone Axe Minecraft
Make a Stone Axe in Minecraft

Stone Pickaxe recipe:

Stone Pick Axe
Make a Stone Pickaxe in Minecraft

Stone Shovel recipe:

Stone Shovel Minecraft
Make a Stone Shovel in Minecraft

Stone Hoe recipe:

Stone Hoe Minecraft
Make a Stone Hoe in Minecraft

Stone Sword recipe:

Stone Sword Minecraft
Make a Stone Sword in Minecraft

3. Get Some Food

You can't survive your first day in Minecraft without having enough food. Here is how to get some.

  • Use your new Stone Axe to get some more woods.
  • Find some animals to and kill them and collect their drop. Kill 3 Sheep to get Wool.
Make White Bed
Make a Bed in Minecraft
  • Use 3 Wood Planks and 3 Wool to make a bed.
  • Craft a Furnace and use your Wooden Pickaxe and woods as fuel to cook the meat. Use the meat when your hunger bar goes down.

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4. Mining and make a Shelter

After getting some food, you need to make a shelter to be safe at night.

  • Go to the hill and dig until you find some Coal ore. Mine as many Coals as you can.
  • Craft Torches and place them on blocks to get light. You need one Coal and one Stick to craft 4 Torches.
Make Torch2
Craft a torch in Minecraft
  • Coal can be used as fuel in your Furnace to smelt more items.
  • Place your Wood Planks to make a small shelter to stay at night. Make a shelter right above the hole you dug. Use Wood Planks to craft Wood Slabs for the roof and a Wooden Door.
Make Shelter Minecraft
Make yourself a shelter to stay during the night
Wooden Door Minecraft
Use Wood Planks to make Wooden Door
  • You can either sleep on the bed or wait until morning. You can also keep digging for more resources.

Congratulation, you have survived your first day in Minecraft. You can check out the Minecraft section on Gurugamer for more Minecraft tips, tricks and guides.

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