For a survival and sandbox game like Minecraft, chests are absolutely necessary. They provide players with all the space to store materials, items to keep the base nice and neat. There's even a type of chest in Minecraft that allows players to transport items from place to place. The Ender Chest comes in super handy in situations where you want to have access to necessities anywhere you go. So, how to make Ender Chest in Minecraft?

What does the Ender Chest do in Minecraft?

The Ender Chest is a special item that holds other items in Minecraft, just like the normal chest. However, the content inside the Ender Chest is exclusive to one player only, meaning other players cannot access your inventory within.

Minecraft Ender Chest Feature
All Ender Chests in the current Minecraft world are interconnected.

Another key point that separates the Ender Chests from normal chests is the interconnection between them. All Ender Chests in the current Minecraft world are linked to each other, including ones in different dimensions.

On top of that, items stored inside the Ender Chest cannot be destroyed. Even if every single Ender Chest disappears, players can still retrieve the content placed inside using a new Ender Chest. This special trait makes this kind of chest the ultimate storage for valuable items on multiplayer servers.

How to Break the Ender Chest in Minecraft?

Players have to use a pickaxe to break the Ender Chest in Minecraft, otherwise, it will drop nothing. Also, in order for the chest to drop all the materials, the pickaxe must be enchanted with Silk Touch.

Ender Chest Trivia

  • Open the Ender Chest by pressing the use control. It won't open if a solid block is placed above.
  • Donkeys, mules, and llamas cannot carry Ender Chests.
  • Each Ender Chest has 27 slots.
  • Ender Chests will not join together to form a double chest.
  • Hoppers, droppers, pistons, sticky pistons, or comparators cannot interact with the Ender Chest.
  • The Ender Dragon can destroy the Ender Chests.
  • Placing items inside the shulker boxes then place them in the Ender chest to greatly increase its capacity.
  • Ender Chests emit a light level of 7.
  • Piglins become hostile toward players who open or mine an Ender Chest.

How to make Ender Chest in Minecraft?

Simply speaking, to make an Ender Chest in Minecraft, players need to prepare necessary materials, including obsidian blocks and Eye of Ender, then put them in the crafting table and finally drag the created Ender Chest to their inventory.

Here are detailed steps in order to craft an Ender Chest in Minecraft!

Required Materials

In order to make one Ender Chest, players will need 8 obsidian blocks and 1 Eye of Ender. Obsidian can only be mined using a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Players can easily create unlimited obsidian by pouring a bucket of water into a block next to lava.

Minecraft Eye Recipe
Eye of Ender recipe

The Eye of Ender is a craftable item in Minecraft, using 1 Ender Pearl and 1 Blaze Powder.

Crafting Recipe

Follow the steps below to make an Ender Chest in Minecraft:

Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe
Here's how to make an Ender Chest.
  • #1 Open the crafting table.
  • #2 Place the Eye of Ender in the middle slot of the table.
  • #3 Fill 8 obsidian blocks in the surrounding slots.
  • #4 Drag the Ender Chest to your inventory.

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How to make other Chests in Minecraft?

As interesting and useful as it is, the Ender Chests aren't immediately available at the early stages of Minecraft. In the beginning, players only have access to wood and other metal ores only. The mining of obsidian must wait until they acquire a diamond or netherite pickaxe.

So, what are the types of chests you can make right off the bat?

Normal Chests

These are as basic as things get. Players can acquire the materials needed to craft a normal chest the moment after the game starts. Everything you need is 8 planks of any kind of wood, plus a crafting table, which is made of more wood.

Minecraft Chest
Nothing beats a simple chest in the beginning.

How to make a Chest in Minecraft?

  • #1 Open the crafting table
  • #2 Place 8 wood planks into the table, leaving the middle slot
  • #3 Drag the chest into your inventory

Note: 2 normal chests can join together to form a double chest!

Trapped Chests

If you want to make things interesting, craft a trapped chest. It makes a great prank item in multiplayer servers that can pair with other Redstone mechanisms to trigger different actions. You can set off dynamites, trap players, or create automatic machines. The sky's the limit!

Trapped Chests
Spice up your Minecraft experience with some traps.

How to make a Trapped Chest in Minecraft?

To make a trapped chest, place a chest and a tripwire hook into the crafting table. The tripwire hook can be crafted using 1 wood plank, 1 stick, and 1 iron ingot. Place the ingredients into the crafting table.

Modded Chests

There are various resource packs available that can spice up your Minecraft experience. You even have the ability to learn how to make diamond chest in Minecraft using one of those packs.

Download and install the Iron Chests mod (compatible with 1.16.5) to start elevating your chests in Minecraft. It replaces the wood planks needed to craft a normal chest with different materials. Iron, Gold, Diamond, all are available to use as alternatives for the mod!

That wraps up our article on how to make Ender Chest in Minecraft. The Ender Chest makes sure your items will never get lost in the game and guard them against other players on an online server. But in case you cannot craft one just yet, there are tons of other types of chests in the game to try!

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