Minecraft is the biggest sandbox game in the world. It was released in 2009 by Mojang Studios for PC. The game later has a mobile version and console version. Minecraft has been released for a decade now but it still has millions of players around the world.

One of the reasons why the game is still so popular is because of its Multiplayers features. Players can host their own server or join a server that is hosted by other players. Minecraft players can join Multiplayers servers to socialize with each other and play different game modes together. With the release of the 1.17 update recently, Minecraft has tons of new blocks, biomes, features for players to explore. All of them can be enjoyed on a free Minecraft server.

Glow Squid In Minecraft 3
The Minecraft 1.17 was just released with a bunch of new blocks, biomes, and features.

Here, we will show you the top 5 free Minecraft servers for you to enjoy the update.

1. Purple Prison Minecraft Server

  • Server Adress: purpleprison.org

The Purple Prison is one of the best free Minecraft Server. The server runs the Prison PvP mode. In this mode, players can rank up through activities such as building, mining, PvP, trading,...

Purple Prison Minecraft Server
Purple Prison Minecraft Server is a great place to play the Prison PvP mode.

Here is the list of the main features of the Purple Prison server:

  • Custom Plugins - Mining Tokens and large Token shop.
  • Frequent Drop parties - Every 30 votes
  • Custom Rankup rewards
  • Create keys that give randomly-generated loot
  • Plot shops so you can set up your own in-game shop
  • Amazing hit detection and no lag
  • Very well balanced economy
  • Regular events

2. Hypixel Minecraft Server

  • Server Adress: mc.hypixel.net

Hypixel has been around for the longest time in Minecraft. The free server features all kinds of game modes from relaxed solo survival to competitive PvP. The interface of the server is simple and easy to use.

Minecraft Servers Hypixel 2
Hypixel Minecraft Server is one of the oldest Minecraft servers.

No matter if you want to spend your time mining, fighting mobs, or building, you will find something you love in this server. There is a reason why there are thousands of players come to this server every day. The Hypixel Minecraft Server is a no-brainer choice if you are looking for a free Minecraft server.

3. CubeCraft Minecraft Server

  • Server Adress: play.cubecraft.net

CubeCraft is an interesting free Minecraft server as it features much more intriguing mini-games and modes than any other Minecraft free servers. For example, there are parkour maps so you can have fun testing your movement skill. Other modes such as SkyWars, Tower Defence, Archer Assault,... are also very well-designed with hundreds of players at any given time in a day.

Minecraft Servers Cubecraft
The CubeCraft Minecraft Server features a large collection of mini-games of all kinds for you to enjoy

4. WilderCraft Minecraft Server

  • Server Adress: play.wildercraft.net

If you are a Minecraft player who just wants to enjoy some peaceful time in the game by building your house and socializing with other players then this is the one for you. WilderCraft Minecraft Server is a survival server that focuses on building a world where players interact and helping each other. This is a great starting server for new Minecraft players to learn and enjoy some Minecraft 1.17 seeds.

Minecraft Servers Wildercraft
Surviving the world of Minecraft is much more fun when you have some friendly neighbors to help you.

5. TheArchon Minecraft Server

  • Server Adress: org.archonhq.net

TheArchon is also a free Minecraft server that features many kinds of game modes. You can play old survival, Skyblock, Factions, Prison, and many other game modes. You can just hop into your favorite game mode the moment you enter the server. The server is well-managed and opens 24/7 with many online players. You will always be able to find good times here.

Minecraft Servers The Archon
TheArchon Minecraft Server

How to join a Multiplayer Server in Minecraft

It is very simple to join a Multiplayer Server in Minecraft. Follow the steps below to join a Multiplayer Server in Minecraft:

  • Log in to Minecraft.
  • Choose the Multiplayer option in the main menu.
how to join Minecraft server 1
Open Minecraft and choose Multiplayer in the main menu.
  • Click on the Add Server button in the menu at the bottom.
How to join Minecraft server 2
Find the Add Server button in the menu and click it.
  • Enter the web address or IP address of that server and click Done.
How to join Minecraft server 3
Enter the web address or IP address of that server and click Done.
  • Now you should find that server on your server list. Just click on it to start connecting to it.
How to join Minecraft server 4
Choose the server from your server list.

Above is how you can join a Minecraft server as well as the top 5 best free servers for Minecraft. If you find it useful, please check out more gaming tips on GuruGamer.com as below!

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