Tools play an incredibly important part in Minecraft as players need them to do various stuff like mining, catching, and crafting items. Among the other ultimate Minecraft tools like swords, fishing rods, pickaxes; shears seem to be harder to remember. However, you will certainly need one of them for various occasions.

Here’s how to make shears in Minecraft and what you can use them for.

Shears are a multifunctional tool in Minecraft that players will not want to miss out.

Uses of Shears in Minecraft

Minecraft players need to use shears for several tasks to be done. They can not only use this tool to get wool from sheep but also for other uses:

  • Shears can help players get honeycombs or honey without breaking the beehive.
  • Using a shear to shear a pumpkin will turn it into a jack-o-lantern or a shaved pumpkin in the Java Edition.
  • When sheared, mooshrooms can also transform into normal cows. They will also drop mushrooms when you do so.
  • Players can use shears to remove pumpkins from snow golems.
  • In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, pumpkins can also be sheared into pumpkin seeds.
  • Shears were utilized on Wooly Cows and Mooblooms in Minecraft Earth.
  • Also, you can use shears in Minecraft to cut a tripwire while not activating its trap.
Shear And Snow Golem
Players can take pumpkins from snow golems using a shear.

And that’s not the last use. You can break blocks with shears including harvesting these:

  • Ferns
  • Cobweb
  • Dead bushes
  • Glow lichen
  • Nether sprouts
  • Leaves
  • Seagrass
  • Vines, twisting vines, and weeping vines
  • Wool
  • Tallgrass

How to use Shears in Minecraft

Like all other tools in Minecraft, shears have the same way of using. You just need to walk towards the block, the sheep, the tripwire, anything you want to interact with, and choose the use option.

This use button varies depending on the platform or console you are using.

How to make shears in Minecraft

Now to the main part, you only need some iron ingots regarding how to makes shears in Minecraft. This material is everywhere underground, so you will need most likely everything in need to make it lying over the place.

Smelt iron in a blast furnace or furnace until you get two iron ingots. Then, just combine the two to create shears.

Also, players can use 2 emeralds to get shears from the merchant or find them by looting shepherd's chests.

Minecraft Shears Crafting
And the recipe of how to make shears in Minecraft is also very easy.

Meanwhile, you can enchant your shears and make them more useful and durable. These are the Minecraft enchantments you can opt for:

  • Curse of Vanishing - up to level I
  • Mending - up to level I
  • Efficiency  - up to level V
  • Unbreaking - up to level III
  • Silk Touch‌ - up to level I (Bedrock Edition only)

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