Not every structure in Minecraft is built by players. Each biome has some kind of pre-built structure that spawns randomly. Due to their rarity, they often have valuable loot and resources, alongside powerful monsters. However, not all structures are created equal. They all have different rarity levels. In this article, we are going to list the top 5 rarest structures in Minecraft.

5 - Ocean monuments

Ocean monuments are massive prismarine temples that spawn in deep ocean-type biomes. They are inhabited by guardians, as well as three elder guardians in fixed positions. Wet sponges, along with eight blocks of gold as treasure, also generate naturally here.

Ocean monument structure in Minecraft
Ocean monuments in Minecraft are super elaborate structures

The interior structure of these monuments is randomly generated, resembling a maze of sorts. Searching for Ocean Monuments can take quite a while unless you buy a map from a Cartographer.

4 - Swamp huts

Also known as witch huts - they are small houses that sometimes spawn in swamp biomes. They contain a cauldron and a crafting table. The special part about these huts is that they automatically spawn Witches and black cats.

You can use these witch huts to create a witch farm, as the witches will spawn automatically.

Swamp hut structure in Minecraft
Swamp huts in Minecraft contain witches and black cat

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3 - Strongholds

Strongholds are maze-like stone bricks structures containing many rooms, including one with a usually unactivated end portal frame. They are one of the rarest structures in Minecraft, as all players need to find one to get to the end realm.

Stronghold structure in Minecraft
Strongholds in Minecraft has a portal to the End

Players can find libraries and various loot chests alongside the previously mentioned portal room inside a stronghold. To locate the nearest stronghold, just throw an eye of ender.

2 - Woodland mansions

These mansions are massive buildings made of dark oak wood and a cobblestone foundation. They have 3 floors that contain a lot of rooms (both normal and hidden) and loot chests. The woodland mansion is inhabited by Evokers and Vindicators that do not naturally despawn.

Woodland mansions usually generate in dark forest biomes. They are usually thousands of blocks away from the Minecraft player's spawn point.

Woodland mansion structure in Minecraft
Woodland mansions in Minecraft

1 - Fossils

A fossil is a rarely-occurring skeletal structure composed of bone blocks, coal ore, and diamond ore (in 1.18). Fossils rarely ever spawn in the Overworld, however, when they do, the spawns are fairly big. Unlike the common Nether Fossils variant in the Soul Sand Valley, fossils can spawn with ore blocks in the overworld.

There are 4 types of skulls and 4 types of spines, with the largest containing 120 bone blocks and 120 coal blocks.

Fossil structure in Minecraft
Fossils in Minecraft

Above are the rarest structures in Minecraft that you sometimes encounter in the game. These spawn naturally, so there's hardly any way to craft it yourself. However, you can refer to many crafting recipes in Minecraft on!