Illusioners are pretty uncommon mobs in Minecraft that only spawn when specific requirements are met. They're not your typical Pillagers. These guys mean business. The Illusioner in Minecraft can cast spells as well as use bows to inflict damage on you. So, how do you spawn some Illusioners into your world?

Why would you want to spawn Illusioner?

Being a more uncommon mob, the chance of you accidentally coming across an Illusioner patrol in Minecraft is slim. However, when you do run into one, get ready to put up your best fight. Illusioners will attack with spells and bows, firing an arrow every second, faster than a skeleton.

Worse, they can see you through walls and move very quickly. They're smart, too. The Illusioner always tries to maintain a consistent distance from you and will retreat if you get too close. This makes fighting a squad of Illusioners a complete nightmare.

Illusioner Minecraft
In our opinion, the Illusioner is the hardest Illager to fight. The Vindicator has no chance.

But once you manage to take them down, Illusioners drop EXP, and any naturally spawned equipment, including their unenchanted bow, has an 8.5% chance of dropping with random durability. All in all, the rewards aren't actually rewarding. You'll get some combat experience, though.

How to summon Illusioner in Minecraft Survival?

For your information, you cannot spawn Illusioner with an Egg in Creative Mode. They only spawn naturally when certain conditions are met.

To spawn Illusioners in Minecraft Survival, you must first summon a Raid. You can do so by acquiring the Bad Omen status effect. When the raid is happening, attack other players, villagers, iron golems, and wandering traders within 16 blocks. Then, prepare for your fight!

Illusioner Captain Minecraft
The one with the banner is the captain.

Another way to do this is to simply use cheats. You can use the spawn command to spawn Illusioners into your world. Open the command console and type in: "/summon Illusioner [pos] [nbt]". Position tags are not necessary.

Illusioner Minecraft Illusions
Fighting a squad of these guys won't be easy.

If you're in Survival Mode, the Illusioner will attack you first with its Blind spell and arrows. If you manage to land your first strike, it will divide into four. However, these are just illusions. You can inflict damage by hitting the invisible one in the middle. Good luck!

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