Mobs are an integral part of Minecraft - they populate the world and give players more things to interact with. While some mobs like villagers have a lot of features built around them, others barely do anything. In this article, we are going to list out the 5 underwhelming mobs in Minecraft that need upgrades.

1 - Wolf

The wolves are one of the most popular mobs in Minecraft, as a tamed wolf is the closest players can get to a pet dog in the game. Because of their popularity, a dynamic update to the whole wolf mob should be a good addition.

Firstly, they should focus on their variants, as wolves only come in white color. There are a lot of wolf colors in real life, which should translate into more color in Minecraft. An upgrade that lets players actually play with their tamed pets would be nice as well. Many players wish to be able to play catch with tamed wolves.

Minecraft Wolves
Wolves in Minecraft could definitely be improved.

2 - Bat

The Bat mob is amongst the most useless in Minecraft. They have next to no use at all - with the only interactive feature is the sounds they make. If you can hear a bat squeak, a cave should be nearby.

Furthermore, a bat does not drop anything when killed, not even EXP. This makes them even more useless as players don't even have a reason to interact with them. This is why it is vital for this mob to have an upgrade of some sort - their echolocation ability could be an interesting thing to have in the game.

Minecraft Placing Bats
The Bat is one of the most Underwhelming Mobs In Minecraft.

3 - Llamas

Llamas are definitely one of the best mobs in Minecraft, however, it can definitely be more than that. Currently, players can tame a llama, breed, use them as extra inventory storage, and even mount them.

The difference here is that you can't ride the Llama like a horse - it absolutely refuses to move. You can manually lead them around, of course, but that's not nearly as exciting. It is a missed opportunity for Minecraft to not actually add the Llama to the rideable mobs list.

Llamas in Minecraft are useful, but they need to be rideable.

4 - Snow Golem

The Snow Golem is the frozen equivalent of the Iron Golem. They can be manually created by players to defend themselves and their polar bases. While this sounds like a great idea, these mobs are really underwhelming in practice.

Similar to the Iron Golem, the Snow Golem's main purpose is defense. However, unlike the Iron Golem, their attack is really weak. Snow Golems' snowballs are harmless against most mobs - they only knock the mobs back.

It would be interesting to see Snow Golems getting buffed in future Minecraft updates.

Snow Golems
Snow Golems are much weaker than their Iron counterpart.

5 - Axolotl

The Axolotl has immediately become a fan favorite upon introduction, due to their adorable appearance and color variations. However, they can't be tamed as a pet.

You can collect them using buckets, breed axolotls, keep them in ponds, and even name them using tags. However, they cannot technically belong to any given player. It would be great if Mojang adds the ability to tame Axolotl in future updates.

Axolotl is actually one of the most underwhelming mobs in Minecraft's new update.

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