While there are a lot of hostile mobs in Minecraft who try to kill you, some of them are friendly and can be helpful to you, even ride on them. Ridding mobs is a great way to travel around the world of Minecraft as it is faster. In this article, we will show you all the mobs you can ride in Minecraft and how to ride them.

1. Horses/ donkeys/ mules

Horses, donkeys, or mules can all be tamed and ridden if you have a saddle.

To ride a horse in Minecraft, players need to use their bare hands to tame them until they are comfortable. After that, equip them with a saddle. You can equip horse armor on your horse so they can take more damage.

Minecraft Horse
Horse in Minecraft is the most common mob to ride.

The same thing can be done with donkeys and mules. But with them, you can equip additional chests to store items, making them a great option when you want to travel often.

2. Pigs

Yes, you can ride Pigs in Minecraft as long as you have a saddle. However, you need to know the right way to make them move in the direction you want.

To control the pig, you need to use a fishing rod with a carrot at the end. Holding the fishing rod while riding a pig will allow you to control it.

Minecraft Pig Saddle
You can ride Minecraft Pig with a Saddle and a rod with a carrot at the end.

3. Striders

Striders are mobs in Minecraft that can be found on the lava floor in the Nether. These creatures love the warm temperature there and they will freeze if they get out of the lava. You need to equip a saddle to a strider to ride it. To control this mob, you need to hold a fishing rod with a warped fungus at the end while riding it.

Minecraft Strider Riding Guide
Minecraft Strider can only be found on lava because they will freeze otherwise.

4. Skeleton Horses

Skeleton horses are rare mobs in Minecraft that only appear when lighting strikes. Skeleton horses are quite similar to regular horses but they cannot be equipped with horse armor. Also, you can only ride skeleton horse in the Bedrock version and not the Java version.

Skeleton Horse In Minecraft
Skeleton Horse in Minecraft is a rare creature.

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