A lot of Minecraft items have obvious uses. Users need to collect food to survive, and armor and weapons can help them defend themselves and beat their opponents. For all these items, there is still something less out there, though.

Sugar Cane is an example of a greatly beneficial item that not every player would think they are important at the first glance. Although it is used for two crafting recipes, they are both essential and gamers would end up needing a lot of Sugar Cane as they play.

Here’s a useful guide on how to farm Sugar Cane in Minecraft you cannot miss.

Sugar Cane uses in Minecraft

Putting one Sugar Cane in the crafting table will create Sugar which is an ingredient used for various recipes to make a pumpkin pie, make a cake, and even brew speed potions.

Moreover, if you put three Sugar Cane in a row on the crafting menu, you will have three pieces of paper. This is the item that Minecraft-ers all need to craft books, maps, banner patterns, fireworks, cartography tables, among others.

Sugar Cane Uses
Sugar cane in Minecraft

How to farm Sugar Cane in Minecraft

Things to remember

When it comes to farming Sugar Cane in Minecraft, players must know these few things about the plant.

  • Sugar Cane can only grow on dirt, grass, moss, coarse dirt, sand, red sand, podzol, and only when that block is adjacent directly to water. We can also use frosted ice work and waterlogged blocks.
  • A single Sugar Cane piece will grow over time way until it arrives at a cap height of 3 blocks tall.
  • Players can break all except the lowest Sugar Cane block and then, the growing process repeats.
  • Minecraft Sugar Cane is not influenced by light which means you can farm it in total darkness.
  • If you don’t check them frequently, a crop of Sugar Cane will develop about 1 block every 18 minutes. However, bonemeal (only Bedrock Edition) can speed up the process.
Sugar Cane Minecratf
How to farm sugar cane in Minecraft includes multiple specs to remember.

Manual farm designs

There are two main ways to set a Sugar Cane farm up: rows or grids.

1. Farming in rows

Players will create a water row and plant Sugar Cane on either side of it, as long as the grid formation can see each water block surrounded by 4 Sugar Cane.

This row setup is much effortless to use as you will not likely fall into the water while trying to harvest the Sugar Cane. However, it is not the most efficient method.

Sugar Cane Row
Row farming is easy but not the most efficient.

2. Farming in grids

This compact pattern permits planting four sugar cane for each water block. The grid setup is much more efficient to farm Sugar Cane. But players have to be careful not to fall into water holes. They may place carpets or lily pads over the water to prevent this.

Sugar Cane Grid
Farming sugar cane in grids is more methodical.

To harvest, walk slowly and sweep from side to side to break the bottom-sans block of each sugar cane. Pick any missed items up and continue.

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