Minecraft Hardcore mode is the most difficult default mode in the game. It is essentially hard mode, but players do not respawn upon death. Due to the risky nature of the mode, only the best players in Minecraft dare challenge it. In this article, we are going to list out the best tips and tricks to ensure your survival in Minecraft Hardcore Mode.

1 - Always carry extra food

When playing Minecraft Hardcore, it is important that you carry surplus food, particularly best food items in Minecraft, in case you get lost far from home. Remember that hunger can kill you and try to keep your hunger meter full at all times.

Eating in the middle of combat can be hard to do but regenerating health might save your life. Therefore, constantly eating is the best choice. Do not jump too much or take unnecessary damage, as it reduces your hunger bar.

Always bring a lot of food during your travel in Minecraft Hardcore mode.

2 - Practice using ranged weapons

Picking out the mobs in a safe range is always safer than approaching them and fight in melee. Players should know how and when to use a bow or crossbow before playing hardcore mode.

If you are good enough, it is possible to beat the game with a bow alone. A good archer will find themselves saved by their bow many times in different circumstances.

3 - Fall damage is the most common way to die

Therefore, it is best to keep a water bucket at all times. This way, you can save yourself from death in the event of an unexpected fall. To do this, you need to learn and master the "MLG Water Bucket" technique via the video below.

Besides doing this trick and carry a bucket of water around at all times, players can also wear boots with Feather Falling enchantment. You won't be killed by fall damage wearing them unless your HP is already low. Some players resort to using modded apk file to avoid death in the game. If you want to take the easy route like that, you can download the latest version of Blackmart Alpha via which you can add mods to your Minecraft world.

4 - Don't take unnecessary risks

Sometimes there are risks you must take, however, most of the time it is not worth the chance of death in hardcore. For example, instead of throwing an ender pearl to cross a lava ocean, it is best to build a bridge to cross the gap. While it is slow, falling into the lava and getting back is even slower and can lead to your death.

This means if something has a low reward factor but a high potential risk, then it is best to not take it. Try to think ahead of all possible outcomes to minimize the chances of something going awry. Learning how to farm Totems of Undying is very useful to have an item that could prevent death.

5 - Carry a few potions

Potions in Minecraft are fairly tedious to brew and because of that, they are often overlooked by normal Minecraft players. In hardcore mode, however, they can provide a huge advantage in various situations.

Spend your time studying a few vital potion recipes in Minecraft like Fire Resistance or Regeneration up can definitely save your life. They can be the difference between life and death in tight scenarios.

Minecraft Potions
Useful Minecraft Potions

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