Anvil is one of the earliest created blocks in Minecraft. It allows players to repair items, rename items, and combine enchantments. To make an anvil, players need 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots. The worst part, however, is that it broke down automatically after 25 uses. Because of that, you need to use your anvils carefully - in this article, we are going to list out the top 5 uses for the anvils in Minecraft.

5. Renaming items

Usually, people use the anvil for fixing name tags, however, anvils in Minecraft actually can be used to rename items. It works on any item, including normal blocks. Any renamed block/item's name will be italic and lose its text color.

This application definitely has usages, as items named differently cannot stack with other items of the same type. This allows you to sort shulker chests and the like.

Renaming items using an anvil is pretty easy.

4. Repairing "tiered" items using materials

Players can repair items with materials that created them using the Anvils In Minecraft. For example, iron ingots can be used to repair iron tools and armor.

However, you need to be careful when repairing, as the Anvil has a "prior work penalty" mechanic that increases the amount of material needed for repairing items. Because of that, it is generally more efficient to use an item almost to the breaking point and then repair using four units of raw material at once.

3. Combining enchanted items

While the crafting menu can be used to combine enchanted items and repair durability, all enchantments of the item would be removed. Anvil is an alternate way of doing that without removing the previous enchantments.

Furthermore, if you combine two enchanted items together, the final result would carry both items' enchantment and even upgrade them. If you combine a diamond pickaxe having Efficiency II and Mending with a diamond pickaxe having Efficiency II and Unbreaking III, the resulting pickaxe would have Efficiency III, Mending and Unbreaking III.

Merging two similar items together to inherit the enchantments of both.

2. Dealing fall damage to players or mobs

Players can drop the anvil from high ground to deal instant damage to anything it falls on. The damage is 2 hearts for each block it falls, with the maximum being 40. This can be used to kill mobs or other players in a creative way.

Furthermore, deaths by Anvil in Minecraft result in a unique message of  "was squashed by a falling anvil".

1. Combining enchanted books to apply multiple enchantments

Enchanted books are the most common ways that players can enchant items in Minecraft. Some enchantment can only be found in books. Players can save them by combining multiple books together to create a book with all the enchantments.

Afterward, players can apply multiple enchantments on their equipment with an anvil. This is vastly superior to the enchanting table, as it can only apply enchantment once.

The anvil is a cost-effective way to enchant items.

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