Pillager Outposts are the main spawn points for pillagers in Minecraft, alongside Woodland Mansions. However, unlike Woodland Mansions, pillagers also respawn here, making it a good farming spot for players. In this article, we will showcase how to beat a pillager outpost in Minecraft.

1 - How to find a Pillager Outpost

Pillager outposts can spawn in any biome that a village can. They are usually located about 300 blocks away from a Minecraft village, in any direction. To find a Pillager Outpost, players need to find a village in Minecraft first.

The outpost can be in a different biome from the village and can spawn on a small island in the ocean. If you are too lazy, just use the command /locate pillager_outpost to find the coordinates of the nearest outpost to your location.

Pillager outpost
It is not very hard to beat a Pillager Outpost in Minecraft.

2 - How to beat a Pillager Outpost


Firstly, players need a set of iron gear or above, with multiple enchantments if possible. A bow or crossbow with Power can also be very useful. Highly nutritious food and healing item are also needed.

Outpost usually has smaller buildings around them. You can use them for cover when approaching. If you found a cage with an iron golem, let it out to assist in combat. If it survives the fight, you can do whatever you like, such as bringing it to a nearby village with a lead.

How to defeat pillagers for low level players

There are a lot of pillagers in the outpost. If you are under-leveled and don't want to fight them directly, just do it and run with a bow from afar. When the number dwindles down enough, approach and finish the building in melee.

It is best to aggro all the pillagers and blow them up using fireworks or piercing arrows. That means you need to grasp the recipe of how to make fireworks in Minecraft before confronting the pillager outpost.

Once the coast is clear, go in the outpost, deal with any pillagers inside, kill the outpost captain if you haven't already, and collect your loot.

Pillager captains
Pillager captains have banners on top of its head.

How to defeat pillagers for high level players

This tactic can be effective if you have a good set of weapons and armor. Just rush in with your shield and sword, blocking arrows and killing pillagers nearby as you go. Grab what you want, kill the captain if you haven't, then leave. This is best for players who want to farm Pillager captains for their raid-inducing effect.

3 - What to do after beating the Pillager Outpost?

After you have killed all the pillagers and taken all the loot, it is best to use it as a raid farm. This allows you to deliberately get the Bad Omen effect to spawn raids to attack a village that you have built as a trap. This allows you to farm the valuable loot from raids endlessly, such as farming the Totem of Undying.

Furthermore, you can turn it into a base if you like the aesthetics. Just be sure to remove all the grass and sand blocks in the area and light it up - pillagers can spawn if you don't. You can also strip the outpost of its resources as well - it has cobblestone, dark oak wood, birch planks, and eight ominous/illager banners.

Create a base
Beat a Pillager Outpost then create a base from it.

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