In Minecraft, there are different types of weather that affect the game and create many new interactions. The 3 main kinds of weather in Minecraft are clear, rain, and thunderstorm. Weathers in this game often happen in a cycle. However, players can also control them using the weather commands in Minecraft.

1. Weather commands in Minecraft

There are several types of weather in Minecraft and all of them can be activated using commands. The syntax for changing the weather in Minecraft is:

/weather type [duration]

  • type is the weather you want to set
  • duration is the length of the set weather in seconds. It is not mandatory. The duration must be between 0 and 100000. If there is no duration, the duration will be set to 5 minutes.

Below are the specific weather commands in Minecraft for each weather.

Weather Rain command Minecraft

/weather rain

This command will set the weather to rain. If you are in a cold biome, there will be snow falling instead. The sky will be darkened and then the rain/ snow starts. You cannot start snow weather in a plains biome, or start rain in a cold biome. You also cannot start rain weather in desert biomes.

Rain Command Minecraft
The rain command will create rain or snow depending on the biome.

Weather Clear command Minecraft

/weather clear

This is the weather clear command. The sky will be clear and turn blue. All the rain and snow will stop.

Weather Thunder command Minecraft

/weather thudner

This is the command to make a thunderstorm.  If you are in a cold biome, there will be a blizzard. The sky will darken and then the thunderstorm or blizzard starts.

Toggles the weather command Minecraft


If the current weather is rain, snow, or thunderstorm, the weather will be set clear. If the current weather is clear, the weather will turn into rain/ snow.

Turn off rain permanently command Minecraft

/gamerule doWeatherCycle false

This command will turn off the rain in Minecraft completely.

2. How to set the weather in Minecraft

Here, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to change the weather in Minecraft.

1. Enable cheat

Open the Game Menu in the world want to enable cheats on. Click on the "Open to LAN" button and then click on Enable Cheat.

Finally, click Start LAN world to allow cheat commands in your world.

Enable Cheat Minecraft
Open the Game Menu inside your world to enable cheat.

2. Open the chat Window

  • Java Edition: Press "T".
  • Pocket Edition: Tap on the chat button on the top corner of the screen.
  • Xbox One Edition: Press the right D-Pad on the controller.
  • PS4: Press the right D-Pad on the controller.
  • Nintendo Switch: Press the right arrow button on the controller.
  • Windows 10 Edition: Press "T".
  • Education Edition: Press "T".

3. Type the Command

Type one of the commands above into the chat window and then press Enter. The weather in the game will change accordingly to the command you entered.

3. All weathers in Minecraft

Here is the list of all weathers in Minecraft and their effects in the game.

1. Clear

Clear weather is the most common weather in Minecraft. During clear weather, you can see the sunlight and blue cloud. There can be no could or a lot of clouds.

Clear Weather Minecraft
The clear weather is the default and the most common weather in Minecraft.

2. Rain

Rainy weather will reduce the light level to 12. This weather only occurs in the biome with temperatures between 0.15 and 0.95. The rain will extinguish all fire except for the fire on the netherrack. Mobs such as skeletons and zombies can also walk during the daylight when it rains because the rain will extinguish their fire.

Fish will spawn more often during the rain and cauldrons will be filled slowly. Rain also helps hydrate farms. Rain cannot occur in deserts.

Rain Weather Minecraft
The rainy weather in Minecraft will extinguish all fire.

3. Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm will reduce the light level to 10 but the game will treat the light level as 5. That means mobs can spawn and roam around during a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms can happen in any biome.

During a thunderstorm, there will be lightning strikes occasionally. The lightning will set anything it strikes on fire. If a villager got struck by lightning, they will turn into a witch. Players can summon lightning during a thunderstorm by throwing a trident.

The average storm lasts 0.5 – 1 day, and there is a 0.5–7.5 day delay between storms. Players can use the bed to skip the storm completely.

Lightning Minecraft
Lightning can happen during a thunderstorm in Minecraft.

4. Snow

Snowy weather only happens in places with temperatures less than 0.15 or high latitude places. The snow will cover all non-transparent blocks with white color.

Snow Minecraft
Snow only appears in high latitude places or cold biomes in Minecraft.

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