Enchantments on armors are very important in Minecraft. In order to get the best protection possible, players usually need to stack all kinds of effects on their 4 pieces of armor. Some armor enchantments are exclusive to the boots only. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best enchantments for boots in Minecraft.

1. Protection

Overall, nothing beats the classic Protection, the best enchantment on all armor pieces. This protects players from all sources of damage, from fire, lava to explosion and even fall damage. Sources of protection can stack with each other, with the hard cap being 80%.

The damage reduction is applied after the armor's damage reduction. If you don't know what to get on your boots, just go for Protection. The max level of enchantment for Protection is level four. Protection, Blast Protection, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection are mutually exclusive.

Enchanted Boots
Enchanted Boots in Minecraft

2. Feather Falling

Fall damage is one of the more common ways to die in Minecraft. Therefore, Feather Falling is one of the more useful enchantments you can have on your boots, as it cuts your falling damage taken by half. The enchantment has 4 levels, with each level reduces fall damage by 12%.

Damage reduction stacks with protection on armors. Furthermore, it also reduces the damage from ender pearl teleportations.

3. Frost Walker

Frost Walker is a boot enchantment that literally freezes wherever you walk. When wearing boots with this enchantment, players will be able to walk over water by creating ice blocks, immune to damage from campfire or magma blocks... and more.

Overall, Frost Walker is excellent to have if you want to traverse big distances over water or travel to locations filled with magma blocks. Take note that this enchantment does not protect you from normal lava.

frost walker
You can even put Frost Walker on horse armor instead of boots in Minecraft.

4. Mending

Mending is one of the most useful enchantments for boots and other gears in the game. It is a universal enchantment that can be placed on all items, however, you can only get it from enchanted books. With Minecraft mending active, the boots will take XP players earn in the game and convert them to repair gear durability.

As players walk around a lot, boots in Minecraft are the piece that loses durability the fastest. Therefore, having this enchantment is a must.

5. Depth Strider

Depth Strider is a boot enchantment that allows players to swim faster underwater. It is the opposite to Frost Walker when it comes to water exploration. Overall, Depth Strider is a must when you need to explore underwater locations like an ocean monument and the like.

Depth Strider
You can use depth strider and a trident to move around in water super fast.

The max level of enchantment for depth strider is 3. Each level cuts down the water slow effect by a third. This means you will be able to swim around at normal walking speed at level 3 Depth Strider.

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