Dying from fall damage feels triggering not only in Minecraft but also in other game titles. Minecraft players usually see themselves falling from some deep caves and high cliffs, then facing an untimely death in the midst of a thrilling adventure into the unknown.

Consequently, Feather Falling Minecraft is an amazing enchantment to have in your Inventory. The enchantment can protect you and help you be immune to fatal damages. So how to get Feather Falling in Minecraft and what does it do? We have just the detailed instruction you need.

Feather Falling Iv
Let's see what makes Feather Falling one of the best enchantments in Minecraft.

What Does Feather Falling Do In Minecraft?

The Feather Falling enchantment can reduce the damage amount that Minecraft players take from a fall. The enchantment is most ideal for players who usually fall from height in Minecraft.

Feather Falling in Minecraft is worth enchanting your in-game boots with. And below are the enchantment's various functions that make it a valuable choice:

1. Reduce Fall Damage amount

First and foremost, as mentioned above, the enchantment reduces the amount of damage that a Minecraft player takes from falls.

2. Reduce Ender Pearl teleportation damage

Apart from lessening your death rate, the enchantment also helps reduce the damage from Ender Pearl teleportation.

Players usually lose 2.5 heart damage when they teleport with Ender pearls. With Feather Falling-enchanted boots, they can cut down on this damage and this is also the most essential aspect players can benefit from this enchantment.

Feather Falling Enchantment
Enchant your boots with this enchantment will help decrease your demise rate of falling from the height.

3. Increase survival chances

Being one of the best enchantments for boots, Feather Falling surely helps you to survive longer and fight opponents. In fact, Feather Falling 4 will activate the highest durability of your boots in Minecraft.

However, while it has the ability to decrease fall damage, it cannot change your tools' speed of falling. Considering this fact, Feather Falling-equipped players should keep themselves alarmed because it can't protect you 100% from all damage.

How To Get Feather Falling In Minecraft

As this is one of the rarest enchantments in Minecraft, obtaining Feather Falling can turn out quite tricky. Although there are fewer opportunities to get it from an enchanting table, there are other ways you can adopt to get Feather Falling.

1. Trading

Players can trade with Minecraft villagers to get this enchantment. By giving them some of your everyday items in the inventory, the villagers will hand you a Feather Falling spell.

Trade With Villager
Players can trade with the villagers to collect a Feather Falling.

2. Loot chests

Loot chests are a common method to get most enchantments in Minecraft. You can also use this method to obtain a Feather Falling.

3. Enchanting Table

Feather Falling is among the rarest and hardest enchantment to get from the enchanting table. Players need to collect as many bookshelves as possible for this enchantment to be collected.

It needs at least 3 to 13 bookshelves placed near the Minecraft enchanting table. Besides increasing the number of bookshelves to increase your chance, make sure to have full of boots in the inventory.

Enchanting Table
Collect as many bookshelves as possible to get the enchantment you desire.

4. Combine two Feather Falling III

Minecraft Feather Falling max level can be obtained after you combine the two Feathers Falling level III enchantments.

5. Use the Enchant Command

Minecraft also offers its players a command from the inventory. To enchant their boots with Feather Falling IV enchantment, use the command /enchant @p feather_falling 4

Diamond Boots With Feather Falling
Not Feather Falling 5, the highest level for this enchantment is 4.

Feather Falling Enchantment Levels

There are four levels of Feather Falling enchantment and the Minecraft Feather Falling max level is 4. Each level will reduce the fall damage by 12%, hence the Feather Falling 4 will make the fall damage reduce to 48%.

That's why you'd better not jump off the sky bases unless the highest level of Feather Falling has been equipped. See the details for each level of the Feather Falling here:

Feather Falling Minecraft
The higher the level, the more powerful the Feather Falling enchantment will be in Minecraft.

1. Level 1

Level 1 enchantment gives the player 12% more protection from fall damage. However, this rate is not much different if compared to an unenchanted boot in Minecraft.

2. Level 2

The amount of fall damage reduced will be 24% with the second level of the enchantment.

3. Level 3

At this level, it will give players 36% more reduction in their fall damage.

4. Level 4

While players may be hoping that the devs will release Feather Falling 5, the highest level of this enchantment currently stays at 4. It will help you reduce the fall damage by 48% and that's a lot to consider.

How to get Feather Falling 4? You just need to combine two Feather Falling III enchantments on an anvil or trade with villagers.

One more note to remember is that Feather Falling Minecraft is exclusive to boots. It will not bring about the same benefits if you use it on other tools or items.

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