Flint is an important raw material to make arrows or flint farms in Minecraft. But the chance to get flint is not high. To get this material faster, you should know how to increase the chance of dropping flint. Check out this full guide on how to get flint in Minecraft with and without gravel.

Flint In Minecraft
Most methods to get flint in Minecraft do not require gravel.

I. How To Get Flint In Minecraft Without Gravel

There are four ways to get flint in Minecraft, including trading with a Fletcher, mining gravel, opening chests at ruined portals, and opening chests in villages.

So, there are three ways to get flint without gravel. Check out these methods and see how they work in this interesting sandbox game.

#1. Trading with a Fletcher

Minecraft fletcher is a villager from whom you can get many items from trading, including flint. You can find him at the fletching table job block.

To trade with villagers in Minecraft, you need to use emeralds to pay and get items. Players will get 26 flints for an emerald. Villagers in Minecraft are very useful and easy to spawn, so you should make use of them to trade for what you want.

Go to see the Fletcher in a village to exchange an emerald for 26 blocks of flint.

#2. Opening ruined portal chests

After the nether update, Ruined Portals become an important part. These ruined portals often spawn in many locations in the Minecraft world. You can find it near your spawn point. You can find many chests with a lot of supplies to loot.

Flint is a typical loot in these chests because you need flint and steel to light up these portals when exploring these locations.

Minecraft Ruined Portals
Go to explore Ruined Portals in Minecraft and loot chests to get flint and other supplies.

#3. Opening chests in villages

You can also find many chests when exploring villages in Minecraft. Players can find chests near their houses and different corners in villages. You can loot a significant amount of flint from these chests.

In fact, you can loot a lot of supplies from villagers other than flint to make life in this game easier.

Chests In Villages
Players can also loot flint and many supplies from chests in Minecraft villages.

II. How To Get Flint From Gravel

The best way on how to get flint in Minecraft fast is by mining gravel. You can increase the mining speed by using enchanted tools. Gravel blocks are natural sources of flint in this sandbox game.

Check out how to find gravel in Minecraft and collect flint quickly.

  • Find the gravel: you can find gravel blocks in various caves in Minecraft.
  • Mine the gravel with your hand or your shovel.
  • Place and mind the gravel blocks and pick up the flint. You need to pick up the flint block before it disappears.
How To Get Flint In Minecraft The Fastest Way
Use the hand or tool to farm gravel and get flint quickly.

The chance to get flint is between 10-100%, depending on the tool you use to mine flint. You should use enchanted tools to mine this material to increase the chance to get flint in Minecraft.

After understanding how to make flint in Minecraft, just enchant your tools and go farming now. Learn to enchant items in Minecraft to upgrade your tools.

Find Gravel
It's very easy to find and get gravel in Minecraft.

III. How To Get Flint And Steel In Minecraft

You need flint and steel to light up when exploring portals. You can make fire with these materials. Follow these steps to craft flint and steel in Minecraft.

  • Open the crafting table. It's a 3x3 grid.
  • Place an iron ingot and a flint block into the crafting grid. You should place the iron ingot in the first box of the first row and the flint block in the second box of the second row.
  • Pick up the crafted flint and steel in the right box after the procession completes.
  • Move the crafted item into your inventory.
Craft Flint
Make sure you place the crafting materials, including an iron ingot and a flint block in this pattern.

It's very easy to craft steel and flint in Minecraft. You can use this item to activate a Nether Portal or start the fire on a block and ignite TNT. You have more chance to get flint and steel from loot chests in Ruined portals than from the loot chests in Nether fortresses.

Those are the best ways on how to get flint in Minecraft without gravel and increase the farming speed. This crafting material is very important in this game. You should start to pick them up and craft them to make useful tools now. It makes the game easier for you.

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