Any gamer who wants to seriously excel at Minecraft also has to learn about enchantments in the game. The art of enchanting first requires an enchanting table and 15 bookshelves surrounding it. When you have had access to the best enchantments, you can use them on your tools to make the best out of your game.

The already good tools will become even more powerful with the help of enchanting. The axe is often overlooked among all Minecraft tools, but with the most suitable spells, it will turn into a staple for not just collecting wood but also slaying the enemies. What are the best enchantments for axe in Minecraft?

Below is the top 7 you can take some references from.

Axe Enchantment
What are the best enchantments for a Netherite axe and normal axe?

7. Smite

Any object that you enchant Smite with will become an undead-creature slayer. Namely zombies, you can kill them much faster. As zombies are extremely common in the game, Smite is a cool enchantment to use on a weapon, although not too essential.

However, this enchantment is more oriented to combat while axes are more referred to as a harvesting tool. That’s why it does not rank high in our list of best enchantments for axe PvP.

Smite does well but not best.

6. Silk Touch

This is also one of the best enchantments for axe especially if you aspire to spare your resources in survival. Silk Touch basically lets players mine a block without changing its form or shape.

Nevertheless, this enchantment is quite useless for axes. The axes tend to be used on only wood and they already seem to preserve the blocks in the same condition when harvested.

How To Get Silk Touch In Minecraft
Silk Touch lets you get the exact block that you are breaking without changing it.

5. Sharpness

Is sharpness 5 good for axes? Yes, if you really, really want to make the axe a tool for killing, then Sharpness must be the most ideal offensive enchantment.

Sharpness is equally decent on axes like on swords. The tool when enchanted with this spell can do enhancing damage to any mob that approaches it.

In fact, sharpness of any level is recommended for axes. However, Sharpness V is the most powerful and even considered among the best enchantments for swords in Minecraft.

Is Sharpness 5 good for axe? Surely yes.

4. Chopping

Chopping is apparently still in the testing phase for the Minecraft Java version. We can probably expect the brand new enchantment to be introduced in the following update.

Why is it considered among the best enchantments for axe in Minecraft despite being unofficial? Basically, it can boost the axe’s damage and ability to stun shields. If you have come across the Vindicators who often carry axes and chase you while dealing insane damage even through shields, this enchantment will come in handy in this exact situation.

It probably makes your axe more formidable as a weapon.

Chopping is one of the best enchantments for axe PvP.

3. Unbreaking

Unbreaking has created a niche as the most versatile enchantment for tools in Minecraft. It may not ramp up the efficiency of your tool or transform it into a powerhouse, but you will want it for any trusty device you want to bring around for a long while.

As one of the best enchantments for a Netherite axe, Unbreaking basically ritardando the wearing process of an item and instead helps it last much longer than usual. If you have a perfect axe but have not been able to get Mending, Unbreaking is a great substitute.

Unbreaking is very popular to Minecraft players.

2. Mending

Mending is undoubtedly the most valued enchantment to own as it guarantees the immortality of your piece of gear. As long as you can keep stacking up experience points, your Mending-enchanted tools would never wear off. That's why Mending also ranks in the best enchantments for tridents and many other tools, armor or items in Minecraft.

Axes are a good match with Mending because it lets you have a well-functioning axe without needing to invest diamonds into a new tool. Meanwhile, it is necessary to farm effectively to maintain a complete set of Mending gear.

How To Use Mending
Minecraft players can use mending on weapons and armor to increase their durability.

1. Efficiency

And the top choice among the best enchantments for axe and for any tool in Minecraft is Efficiency. The enchantment grants huge life boost quality as it saves time of collecting resources. What normally takes you half a day to do will now reduce to half of that.

Essentially, Efficiency lets a tool break the target block more quickly. It is even more ideal to use it on diamond axes. However, remember that the Efficiency tool will make the withering happen faster due to the block quantity that it breaks.  That means you’d better also have Unbreaking or Mending as a necessity.

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