Enchanting is extremely important in Minecraft gameplay as each of them serves a specific purpose. Among the many available enchantments in the game, silk touch is one such tool that players use the most during mining.

In the early Minecraft versions, lots of blocks were non-attainable like glass, grass, and every ore block. And they added Silk Touch for players to acquire them blocks. How to get Silk Touch in Minecraft is the question that intrigues many gamers and we will have it answered right now.

Silk Touch
How to use silk touch in Minecraft and how to get this enchantment?

What does silk touch do in Minecraft?

Enchantments are useful to optimize various weapons, tools, or books. They will improve the ability of the item by adding extra strength.

As for Silk Touch, it lets you get the exact block that you are breaking instead of a component of it or losing it entirely.

Besides, it also permits players to do several things that they would not be able to do otherwise:

  • Relocate a Bee Nest (even with bees inside)
  • Move items to more exciting places
  • Relocate pane and glass blocks without breaking them
  • Craft a Minecraft museum in Survival Mode
  • Build a diamond-ore wall
  • Relocate an Ender chest
  • Create lights with glowstone
  • Store and save ore for later, when it can be mined with a pickaxe that features the Fortune enchant.

How to use Silk Touch in Minecraft

To make it work, you just have to hold the enchanted tool in your hand. That’s when you are the only one who can mine the items.

While using it is not at all challenging, getting a Silk Touch enchantment can include more steps. Follow Gurugamer.com's guide to be enlightened.

Silk Touch Use
Players can also remove bees using the Silk Touch.

How to get silk touch in Minecraft

There are multiple methods to get your hands on the enchantment of Silk Touch. One can trade it with a librarian villager, blame it on luck and roll a dice on the enchantment table with a level 30 enchantment, or find it in chests or via fishing.

1. Trading with librarian villagers

Villager Trading is one of the best ways to get any enchantment in Minecraft, and librarian villagers have the ability to trade every enchanted book. For starters, you need to place a lectern in order to transform an unemployed villager into a librarian one. They will offer an enchanted book or bookshelf/paper trade.

Do not trade unless he owns the silk touch book. You can reset his trade offers by getting the lectern broken, then again placing it.

Librarian Minecraft
Trade with librarian villager to gain a Silk Touch enchantment.

2. Using an enchanting table

Make use of an enchanting table and you will be able to get the silk touch you want. Add bookshelves that stay one block from the enchanting table to obtain the enchantments of high levels. Silk touch is up for grabs as a tier 3 enchantment. It is actually quite a predictable way on how to get silk touch in Minecraft.

Players can also reset enchantments like the librarian method.

3. Looting in chests or via fishing

Silk Touch can also be discovered inside loot chests from desert temples or dungeons.

And can you get silk touch from fishing? Definitely. AFK fish farms shall also give a few.

How to get silk touch hands in Minecraft 2021

Apparently, Minecraft users also want to know how to pick up blocks with their bare hands as if they have a silk touch. It means that every block getting destroyed with their hands will drop its block item.

Just follow these commands and you will feel like Enderman picking up blocks:

  • /silktouch  offers the player the indefinite silk touch capabilities.
  • /silktouch with no player name grants the person who entered the command the indefinite silk touch abilities.
  • /unsilktouch   revokes the silk touch capabilities.
  • /unsilktouch with no player name can also be utilized to repeal the silk touch abilities from the player that inserted the command.
  • /checksilktouch checks and displays the silk touch capabilities of the player.
  • /checksilktouch with no player name can be used to check the silk touch capabilities of the player that entered the command
Silk Touch Hand
Some commands will let you silk touch any block with your bare hands like Enderman picking up blocks.


1. What is the best tool for Silk Touch?

You can embed silk touch on these four tools: pickaxe, ax, hoe, and shovel. The pickaxe, meanwhile, is the best tool for Silk Touch.

It is a multifunctional tool used for mining almost every kind of block in Minecraft. A silk touch enchanted pickaxe can do any job that other tools can carry out.

After pickaxe, a shovel is also a decent choice for the silk touch enchantment.

Pickaxe and shovel are most recommended to be enchanted with Silk Touch.

2. How many bookshelves for silk touch?

It was a heated debate among players about the least number of bookshelves needed to obtain a silk touch. After a while of research, it can be seen that we need at least 9 bookshelves to get Silk Touch (in the 3rd slot at least).

Bookshelf Minecraft
How many bookshelves for silk touch? At least 9!

3. What level do you need to get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

The required level to get Minecraft Silk Touch is Level 1. You can only enchant items up to Silk Touch 1. This is the silk touch enchantment command: /enchant @p silk_touch 1

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