Of course, you can die in Minecraft. In fact, we're certain that every single player has died at least once in the game, if not more. Once you die in Minecraft, you return to the Spawn Point, lose all of your items and the majority of EXP. In the worst-case scenario, you have to say goodbye to the whole world (Hardcore Survival mode).

Ender Dragon
Die fighting the Ender Dragon is a noble death. Not like what we're about to show you.

Now, there are different causes of death in Minecraft. You can die from fall damage, mobs' attacks, hunger,... and some other foolish mistakes. Here are 5 dumbest ways to lose your life in Minecraft.

#5 - Drowning 

Dying from the lack of oxygen underwater is perhaps the worst of rookie mistakes. We understand that the sea is full of fun things to discover now, but if you miscalculate your breath time and don't prepare ahead, you're the one to blame.

Always bring a door, a trapdoor, or a fence when you decide to do something aquatic. Place these items out should give you a spot to refresh while submerged in water.

Watch the bubbles and surface before they run out!

#4 - Hidden Ravines

Another classic and dumbest way to reach your death in Minecraft. If you ever wander across the Desert biomes, look out for hidden ravines. They are covered with sand blocks, which fall right off the moment you set foot on them. You will fall straight down to the bottom and die. If the fall doesn't kill you, then suffocation from the sand blocks will.

Ravine Trap
Look out for ravines in the Dessert.

#3 - Digging Straight Down

There's a rule that says never dig straight down in Minecraft. It's there for a reason. All kinds of things can go wrong while you dig down right where you standing. You can punch through the ceiling of a massive underground cave (after 1.17 update), fall, and die. Or you can land right on top of a lava pool, burn, and die. Either way, none is pleasant.

#2 - Hunger

If you somehow manage to die from hunger, then you may have just well earned yourself the "Dumbest" title. There are plenty of food items in Minecraft, even right from the start. You can chop down trees for wood and apples, or punch some animals for meat. Food is all around you, hence, hunger is the least favored cause of death. So, you won't want to die hungry in Minecraft.

If you die from hunger, you must be really bad at the game.

#1 - Speed

While this may come as a surprise for you, but you can actually die from speed. How come? It's not like you can die sprinting in the game. In order to get killed by going way too fast, you have to acquire an Elytra. It's an end-game item after beating the Ender Dragon that everyone wants.

But when you fly with an Elytra for the first time, things may go sideways. The launch and the flight are normal, let's talk landing. We have witnessed so many players mess up when they try to land with an Elytra. They cannot control the speed then ended up ramming themselves into mountains or their own base. Not exactly a glorious death.

The Elytra
Look where you're flying.

Above are top 5 silliest causes of death in Minecraft. Make sure you watch out all of those right from the start of the game to avoid boring deaths.

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