Minecraft food items are mainly used to restore health points as well as boost hunger saturation. They are also essential for breeding animals in Minecraft and the mobs will generate offsprings in return. However, not every food item is easy to find and they may serve more purposes than normal. One of the items is Golden Carrot which is just a rare as Golden Apple. See the Golden Carrot Minecraft recipe, where to find them, and their use below.

Golden Carrot usage & locations

Golden Carrot is an extremely rare food item in Minecraft that offers the second-highest hunger saturation after Suspicious Stew with Blue Orchid or Dandelion.

1. Uses for Golden Carrots

In Minecraft, golden carrots can be used as foods and as components to brew potions.

Golden Carrot Use
What does a Minecraft Golden Carrot do and how can you craft it?


You can use Golden Carrots to restore 6 hunger points. It is also said to be the topmost nutritious food item in Minecraft.

Apart from that, Golden Carrots are used to tame donkeys and mules, breed rabbits, and feed horses.

Brewing potions

This rare food is used as a material to make Potion of Night Vision with the use of a Brewing Stand.

2. Where to find Golden Carrots

You can occasionally find Golden Carrots in the chests in Ruined Portals or Bastion Remnants. Meanwhile, several farmer villagers of master level may trade three Golden Carrots for 3 Emeralds.

Other than those choices, players need to make it as a way of obtaining.

How to craft a Golden Carrot in Minecraft

To make this food item and use it for your own good, you can follow this Golden Carrot Minecraft recipe.

Players need 1 Carrot and 8 Gold Nuggets to craft a Golden Carrot from scratch.

Carrots can be dug up in village farms, village chests, or collected from carrot seeds. Meanwhile, Gold Nuggets can be made from Gold Ingots in the crafting table.

Now, place the carrot in the middlebox of the crafting table and 8 gold nuggets around it and you’ll have a golden one in the palm of your hand.

Golden Carrot Recipe
Golden Carrot Minecraft recipe

Above is where to find, how to make and use Golden carrot in Minecraft. If you find it useful, do come back GuruGamer.com for more Minecraft tips!

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