Minecraft added 3,000 species of fish into its game after Bedrock was rolled out nearly 10 years ago. Sea Turtles are one of them and unlike most of the added mobs, they can actually be bred. Although it's been years since the release came available, not all players have known how to breed turtles in Minecraft. And our article will give them assistance on the same as well as interesting facts about this virtual species.

About Minecraft Sea Turtle

Sea Turtles are passive creatures in the game, which means they do not fight back when targeted. It is an important fact to remember as turtles usually get attacked by many Minecraft creatures from Ravagers to Zombies. So in case you want to make a Sea Turtle farm, make sure to set up some defensive measures.

Turtle Minecraft Location
You can find them swimming in oceans and near beaches.

Moreover, fully grown turtles frequently gather around the Beach biome in Minecraft. Players can search for them by swimming in the water or walking along the shore.

When laid, turtle eggs are brittle. So they will very likely break if any Minecraft entity stands on them or if you drop them on the ground. Remember that even adult turtles can break the eggs, just have the eggs tucked away safely.

How to breed Turtles in Minecraft

To breed sea turtles in Minecraft, you'll need at least 2 Turtles and 2 Seagrass. After that, you can use the seagrass to feed the grown-up turtles until they give out red hearts and start laying eggs.

Follow these four simple steps to find required materials and you'll be the master in this field.

1. Find the turtles

Players should reach sea biomes to find the turtles. As they cannot just pick the creatures up, bring them to a specific location, and dig a hole around them on the sand.

You can leave them in that hole but just that will not make them mate.

Feed Turtles With Seagrass
Feed sea turtles with seagrass.

2. Make shears

In order to get some Seagrass (as well as other things), players will need a shear for that. You can check out our guide on how to craft a shear in Minecraft.

3. Get Seagrass

The Seagrass should be located underwater near the shoreline. Place the shears into your hand like you often do with any weapon or action item in Minecraft.

This item locates underwater close to the shoreline. Use the shear in your hand and point towards the Seagrass bed.

4. Feed the Sea Turtles

Return to your turtle and choose Seagrass in the Hotbar. Feed the Seagrass to each turtle and red hearts shall appear above their heads once you're done. The hearts indicate that they have entered "love mode".

how to breed turtles in Minecraft
Turtle eggs

After a bit of time, the red hearts will vanish. One of the two turtles will then begin digging and laying four eggs cap on the ground.

Now, all you have to do is to wait for the baby Turtles to hatch. As they only hatch at night, you do not have to stand all day in the sunlight and wait for them. Feed them 10 Seagress items and you will grow them into fully-matured Sea Turtles.

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