Vindicators are the axe-wielding melee pillagers that Minecraft players can usually find in woodland mansion structures. These hostile mobs can also be seen in pillager patrols and village raids. You may not know that it is possible to pacify them and turn them into essentially harmless. Although the Vindicator may still try to attack players, it should not be able to deal any significant damage and even let you place it in a boat and move it elsewhere.

A Vindicator may even have a nametag applied to it so that it will not despawn when the players are far away. Without further ado, here’s how to pacify a Vindicator in Minecraft.

Here's how to make a Vindicator in Minecraft more friendly.

How to pacify a Vindicator in Minecraft

To pacify a Vindicator in Minecraft or any theoretical pillager, you have to allow it to shatter its own weapon after you have discovered them and locked horns against them.

1. Break the Vindicator's weapon

As Vindicators often bring iron axes around, players surely hope to be able to avoid damage while still managing to take the constant axe strikes.

In this case, you will need the help of shields, in fact, many of them. What you need to do is stack shields up, go find a Vindicator nearby, and let it relentlessly attack your shield. You may switch to new ones after the previous shield breaks.

Minecraft Java Edition iron axes have a durability of 250, hence it is able to take multiple axe strikes against the shield for many minutes before the weapon eventually breaks.

Vindicator Fight
Use shields and let it attack you until its weapon break itself.

Once the weapon in its hand is broken, the Vindicator in combat will be left to battle with bare hands. That prevents it from dealing huge damage to the target player especially when they are well-equipped with armor or so.

2. Transport the Vindicator

Now, you can transport the Vindicator without worrying it will hurt you by placing it on a boat. Just push the boat or hop in then move it along.

Once you have found or built a nice base to settle their Vindicator, you can lead it into the designed space and destroy the boat.

Vindicator On Boat
Don't forget to put in in your boat and transport it to your base.

3. Apply a nametag on it

The last step in how to pacify a Vindicator in Minecraft is to put a nametag on the Vindicator to prevent it from de-spawning.

Vindicator Pacify
Putting a name tag on the Vindicator basically make the Vindicator a pet although it is still somewhat hostile.

This tactic is to make your Vindicator unique and stop it from vanishing when you are not around. Also, the new pet pillage will always remain in your world even though it will still be hostile and won’t want to be friends.

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