During their exploration in Minecraft, players will sometimes see beautiful items and biomes. Coral reef, which can be found deep under the water, is one example of these entities.

It is possibly among the prettiest and most vibrant-looking structures in the game. Along with other blocks and fan variants, coral was introduced to Minecraft in the 1.13 Aquatic Update in 2018. If you are wondering how to get Minecraft coral, here’s a gist you can follow.

Coral Minecraft
Where can you find coral in Minecraft and collect it?

Minecraft coral location

Minecraft coral can usually be found in Coral Reef biomes in the warm ocean of Minecraft. In fact, this is the one and only place in the game that this plant naturally grows. Players need to come here to find a large cluster of them.

You can also see Minecraft coral in different colors such as red, pink, blue, purple, and yellow.

Minecraft Coral
Find the coral in Coral Rề biomes under the warm ocean.

How to get Minecraft coral

The player can mine coral reef in Minecraft once having managed to locate it. However, remember that you cannot collect it with a normal tool.

Many players have wondered how they can mine coral blocks in Minecraft without making them die. The trick is collecting coral with a Silk Touch enchanted tool. This way, the material will go into your collection without changing its nature or breaking its form. You can get Silk Touch from the enchanting table or from librarians.

In case you are planning to mine a large amount of coral, it is better to use a helmet with Respiration or Aqua Affinity enchantment. While the former helps you breathe longer underwater, the latter will remain your mining speed the same as when you are on the ground.

Minecraft Farm
How to get Minecraft coral? You can also farm it in the Bedrock Edition.

In Bedrock Edition, you may create a semi-automatic coral farm. It is only available in the Bedrock edition as coral can spawn in any ocean biome if you use bonemeal on red sand, dirt, gravel, coarse dirt, sand, or clay in this version.

Coral uses in Minecraft

Unlike most of the other items, Minecraft coral does not have the most essential in-game use. They are ideal for decoration and are mainly used for this purpose. When you place a coral under a note block, the note block can even prodice a drum sound.

Apart from this, the coral cannot be crafted into anything in the game.

Frequently asked questions about Coral Minecraft

1. How do you keep coral alive in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can keep coral alive by making sure they are in an appropriate environment. Here are some tips to keep coral alive:

  • Water environment: Coral needs to be placed underwater to survive. Ensure that they are fully submerged in water to prevent them from drying out.
  • Water source: Coral should be placed in water source blocks, not flowing water. Ensure that the water around the coral is not stagnant.
  • Light level: Coral requires light to survive. Make sure they are exposed to sunlight or artificial light sources such as glowstone or sea lanterns.
  • Proximity to other Blocks: Coral blocks cannot be placed adjacent to blocks such as sand, gravel, dirt, and others. Make sure there is enough space around the coral for it to thrive.
  • Avoid damage: Coral is fragile and can be destroyed by certain actions, such as being broken by players or certain tools. Avoid damaging coral blocks to keep them alive.

2. Can dead coral be revived?

In Minecraft, dead coral cannot be revived. Once it has died, it cannot be restored to its living state.

However, you can still use dead coral blocks for decorative purposes in your builds.

3. What can you do with dead coral in Minecraft?

Every type of dead coral block can be placed under note blocks to produce "bass drum" sounds. Moreover, you can use them as/for:

  • Building material: Dead coral blocks can be used in building projects, both underwater and on land, to add unique textures and designs to structures.
  • Crafting: Dead coral blocks cannot be directly crafted into other items. However, you can break them down into dead coral fans using shears. Dead coral fans can then be used as decoration or building materials.
  • Trading: In some cases, dead coral blocks can be traded with villagers, especially those specializing in underwater or aquatic-themed trades. But this depends on specific Minecraft mod packs or customizations.

4. Can you grow coral in Minecraft?

Yes, you can grow coral in Minecraft. Coral can be grown using coral blocks and coral fans. Here's how to grow coral:

  • Find coral blocks naturally generated in coral reefs underwater. Use a silk touch tool to collect coral blocks without breaking them.
  • You can place them underwater in an environment where they can thrive. Make sure the area is well-lit and surrounded by water source blocks.
  • To encourage coral growth, ensure that the coral blocks are placed on top of a solid block, such as stone or sand. Coral cannot be placed directly on top of each other.
  • Over time, coral blocks have a chance to spread and grow, especially if they are in a suitable environment. Be patient, as coral growth is a gradual process.
  • You can speed up the growth process by using bone meal on coral blocks. Simply right-click the coral block with bone meal, and there's a chance it will encourage nearby coral to grow.
  • Coral fans can also be grown similarly to coral blocks. You can place them on solid blocks underwater, and over time, they may spread and grow.

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