All Minecraft worlds are divided into 3 separate regions: Overworld, Nether and End. Players can get to the end by activating an End portal, which is the gateway to the End dimension. This is where players have to face the Ender Dragon and beat the game.

After defeating the Ender Dragon, players can explore the outer End islands for valuable resources. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 valuable Minecraft resources to farm in the End.

1. Dragon Egg

This is pretty much the rarest block in Minecraft. By killing the Ender Dragon for the first time, players will be able to loot a Dragon Egg near the exit portal. This block can only be acquired once in the game, as later revivals of the dragon do not drop it.

Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg is one of the rarest items in the game, with only 1 copies drop.

The Dragon Egg is a purely decorative block, however. Players can use it as a trophy to showcase their achievement of defeating the final boss of the game.

Only when using mods can you hatch a Dragon Egg. You can also resummon the dragon using the egg and some other ingredients.

2. Dragon Head

This is another exclusive item that can only be found in the End dimension. Similar to other head blocks in Minecraft, players can wear it around. Dragon heads, however, are much bigger than other heads and look hilarious on players and mobs.

Dragon heads are found as part of the flying End Ships in the End dimension.

Dragon Head
This is the biggest wearable head.

3. Elytra

The winged elytra allow players to fly and increase fly speed in Minecraft. It is one of the most useful Minecraft resources to farm in the End that every player wants to get their hands on. Similar to the Dragon head, Elytra also spawns inside the flying ships found in End cities.

Elytra can be repaired using phantom membranes, an item looted from the undead mob phantom.

Having the flying ability would allow players to get to locations normally impossible to reach.

4. Chorus flower and fruit

The outer End islands are mostly barren, however, you can find a form of vegetation called Chorus plants on them. Each chorus plant has flowers that can be used to grow more chorus plants. Players need to place them on End stones for that to happen.

Breaking a chorus plant will drop chorus fruits. They can be cooked to make popped chorus, which is a component for making End rods and purpur blocks.

Chorus Fruit In Minecraft
Chorus Fruit in Minecraft is a rare item that can be crafted into a light source.

5. Shulker shells

Shulker shells are one of the most useful mob drops in the game, as it allows players to create shulker boxes. A single shulker box can store up to 30 stacks of items, making mining trips much more efficient.

It is the most imporant Minecraft resources to farm in the End, especially if you are a builder. With that, you can carry enough resources and create a whole base at any time.

Players need to kill a shulker for its shells. The best way to do this is to use an Elytra, as you would be immune to their levitation attacks.

Shulkers shells are the main component for shulker boxes.

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