The mysterious and majestic Woodland Mansion are among rarest structures in Minecraft and can only be found in the Roofed Forest. Appearing in Minecraft after the 1.1 update in 2016, they have since become the most desired thing among players.

However, they can be tricky to find as they rarely spawn. Keeping that in mind, we have gathered the most epic Minecraft Woodland Mansion seeds that are also easy to reach.

Best Woodlan Mansion Seed
Woodland Mansion is among the most sought-after structures in Minecraft.

With this Gurugamer’s list of Minecraft woodland mansion seeds, you can see the Mansion’s coordinates as well as the surrounding lands and what you can find near the seed.

1. Mega-rare Opportunity

Seed: -2924912394841125808

Platform: Java 1.16+

While mansions in Minecraft are already rare, seeing them next to a Modified Jungle Eagle is even more occasional. This is one of the best seeds for Woodland Mansion due to the fact that Modified Jungle Edge comes in as the rarest among all biomes. The chance of running into one such biome is 1/400,000.

Mega Rare Opportunity
Living to its name, this is one of the rarest Minecraft Woodland Mansion seeds you can find.

With this Mega-Rare Opportunity seed, it is even right next to where the players spawns! Below are the key locations.

  • Mansion: 50 80 40
  • Desert Village: -460 80 -380
  • Savannah Village: -350 80 -650
  • Taiga Village: -360 90 675
  • Stronghold: -515 35 -1700

2. Mansion over a Ravine

Seed: -1213199956

Platform: Bedrock

This amazing Woodland Mansion seed in Minecraft spawned directly atop a ravine. Close to a village. Those who choose this seed can explore various structures that stay only some minutes from the spawn point on foot.

The ravine itself has many precious resources for you to mine and gather. This factor makes the seed no less valuable than the best Minecraft seeds for diamonds. However, you should be aware and watch your steps to avoid an unexpected death.

Mansion Over Ravine
With a ravine up close, players can collect precious items themselves there.

Before stepping into the mansion, you can also gear up at the village nearby. The items and chests found there will grant you a chance to win over the fatal mobs in the mansion.

Also, there is a jungle temple and pillager outpost you can conquer. They are not far away from the mansion at all.

  • Cords of Mansion: -2004, 63, -1131
  • Cords of Outpost and a Temple: -2282, 101, -1158

3. Mansion Oasis

Seed: -1167558203395702077

Platform: Java 1.16+

Among the Minecraft Woodland Mansion seeds, Mansion Oasis gives players a chance to spawn in the midst of a gigantic Jungle Biome surrounded by a Mesa Biome.

If you head a tad Southwest and across the Mesa, you can see a peaceful oasis zone locked in by the Mesa with a Mansion.

This Minecraft seed map is a very rare find and can be a great operation base (after cleaning) with a warm and fantastic view.

Mansion Oasis
Mansion Oasis in Minecraft

4. Mansion that has it all

Seed: 1613434103

Platform: Bedrock

What makes this one of the best Minecraft woodland mansion seeds is that it allows players to explore a vast choice of structures in a single aesthetic biome. You can gear up quite easily with access to a lot of structures.

After or even before you defeat the woodland mansion, you can find a beehive or even some horses in this amazing Minecraft seeds for Woodland Mansion.

  • Cords of Village, Mansion, Outpost: 1534, 280, 69
Mansion Has It All
With a beehive, this is a unique Woodland Mansion seed in Minecraft.

5. Village Spawns within Mansion

Seed: 272283203700699723

Platform: Java 1.16

This is one of the most special seeds for Minecraft by far. In this exciting world glitch, you can see a village spawning inside a mansion, with villagers and everything else.

The iron golem puts his efforts into this village and you can give him a hand. As an extra, players can see another village which spawns close to their generating location. Below are all the key spots:

  • Woodland Mansion: 104 80 56
  • Village #1: 52 80 68
  • Village #2: -208 70 180
  • Witch Hut: -360 70 -200
  • Shipwreck: -136 70 520
Mansion With Village Inside
A village in a mansion? Fun!

6. Dueling Mansions

Seed: -24970

Platform: Bedrock 1.16+

It can be a hassle to find even one Woodland Mansion in Bedrock Edition. But this Minecraft seed map will offer you not just one mansion but two of them enveloped with a Jungle Temple near the spawn point.

Players can choose the better mansion between them and renovate it into a condo structure for villagers. Competition between mansions sounds quite fun, though. You can take a look at the key locations here:

  • Jungle Temple: 695 80 40
  • Mineshaft: 700 30 200
  • Spider Spawner: 366 17 153
  • Woodland Mansion #1: 500 80 540
  • Woodland Mansion #2: 1500 80 670
Dueling Mansions
One of the best Minecraft woodland mansion seeds with double masions.

7. Mansion on a lake

Seed: 8002541121412169556

Coordinates: -6899, 95, 2732

Biome: Desert, Roofed Forest, Plains

This seed stays right on a lake and it feels like a player’s own Minecraft version of Venice. But don’t worry, it is smaller and is not at risk of sinking forever and losing priceless history over centuries.

The added bonus you can benefit from the seed is it has a particularly massive Mansion along with a desert nearby.

Mansion On A Lake
The title of most special seeds for Minecraft goes to this Venice-vibe building.

Among all the Minecraft seeds for Woodland Mansion above, which one is your favorite? For even more trickeries for your games, don’t forget to stay updated with our website.

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