Curse Of Binding is one of the 2 curses in Minecraft. It is an enchantment that prevents you from removing an armor piece once you wear it on. You cannot create this curse. It can only be found in treasure loot or by fishing. It is almost impossible to remove this curse, making it a very annoying thing to have. If you want to know how to remove Curse Of Binding in Minecraft, head down below.

Minecraft Curse Of Binding
Minecraft curse of binding

How to remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft

There are 2 situations where you can get rid of this curse in Survival mode, either when you die or the item breaks. Meanwhile, you can remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft without dying or breaking the items if you are in Creative mode. And there is one way to do so with Survival mode though.

Curse of Binding removal in Survival mode

Firstly, the curse can be removed when you die, and all your items will be dropped on your death spot, including the item with Curse of Binding. After that, you have to find where you died, visit your death location to get back your items. Just make sure you don't equip them with Curse of Binding again.

If you are in Hardcore mode, it is impossible to use this method since you cannot respawn.

Secondly, when the item with Curse of Binding runs out of durability, it will break and you can equip other items. However, if Curse of Binding is on an item with no Durability, then this method will not work.

In case you want to remove the Curse of Binding without dying or breaking items, resort to cheat codes in the next session.

Durability Minecraft
You can remove the Curse of Binding if the durability of the item runs out.

Curse of Binding removal cheat codes

The last option to remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft without dying or breaking items even in Survival mode is to switch the game to Creative mode in the setting with Cheat Enable.

The syntax for the removing curse of binding command in Minecraft: Java Edition is "/replaceitem entity [amount] [data] [dataTag]"

For example, a player wants to replace their cursed diamond helmet, so he could type "/replaceitem entity MinecraftPlayer armor.head diamond_helmet" in their chat console, and their cursed helmet would be replaced with a standard one.

Cheat Minecraft
You can remove Curse of Binding with cheat commands.

Now you know how to remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft. Let's move to some prevention methods and how you can utilize this curse in return.

How to avoid Curse of Binding in Minecraft

To avoid Minecraft curse of binding, you have to read items carefully to make sure it's not a cursed armor piece.

You can only find Curse of Binding in armor pieces or Enchanted books found in treasure, by fishing or trading with villagers. Once again, you just have to be careful and read the items before equipping to avoid the curse.

Curse Of Binding Minecraft
Read the description of the item carefully before equipping them to avoid curse of binding.

How to use Curse of Binding in Minecraft

Sometimes, you will get a really good piece of armor with Curse of Binding, which is quite troublesome. If you still want to use it, make sure you upgrade it to netherite and put on the best armor enchantment on it before equipping. This will eliminate the downside of the curse since you want to wear the armor all the time anyway.

You can apply Curse of Binding on a piece of armor using enchanted books on the enchantment table.

Curse Of Binding Minecraft 1
The Curse Of Binding EnchantedBook will let you put Curse Of Binding on a piece of armor.

Curse of Binding is also a fun way to prank your friends and other players. A carved pumpkin with Curse of Binding has no durability so the player will have to die to remove it. The carved pumpkin greatly reduces the vision of the player who wears it, making it a really good prank with the Curse of Binding.

If the world rule is changed to Keep Inventory - True then even dying will not get rid of the item with the Curse of Binding. The only way to remove Curse of Binding with Keep Inventory is by cheating or dying in Hardcore mode.

Of course, most players will not wear a carved pumpkin with Curse of Binding on their own. You can use a dispenser  to forcibly equip it onto a player.

Minecraft Pumpkin Head
Having to wear a Pumpkinhead will make it really hard to play Minecraft

FAQs about Curse of Binding in Minecraft

1. What is Curse of Binding in Minecraft?

Curse of binding is a treasure enchantment on armor pieces in Minecraft. You can find Curse of Binding in treasure loot, fishing, or trading with villagers.

2. What does Curse of Binding do?

Players cannot remove pieces of armor with Curse of Binding enchantment once they have them equipped. Curse of Binding only works with armor pieces. You can make it appear on weapons in Creative mode, but there will be no effect.

3. How to remove Curse of Binding pumpkin?

Since carved pumpkin does not have durability, dying or using cheat commands are the only ways to remove it from your head. The syntax for the command in Minecraft: Java Edition is "/replaceitem entity [amount] [data] [dataTag]".

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