Status effects in Minecraft are special modifiers that change game characteristics. While some of those effects can be useful, some, on the other hand, can be negative and downright annoying. In this article, we are going to list out the most annoying status effects in Minecraft.

5 - Bad Omen

While you usually want to stack this effect to summon a raid and farm, Bad Omen can be pretty problematic if you haven't built any defense for your village yet. The raid would be triggered the moment you set inside the village, leaving you no time to build a defense and likely to get villagers killed.

To deal with this problem, it is best to build a wall around your village, just in case you stumble upon a pillager captain and get the Bad Omen.

Bad Omen Minecraft
Pillager captains can inflict Bad Omen on whoever killed it.

4 - Hunger

This effect forces players to consume food by causing the hunger bar to deplete faster than normal. This is super annoying, especially when you are starting in harsh biomes in Minecraft like the Desert.

It can be inflicted when consuming rotten flesh, raw chicken and attacked by a husk, which naturally spawns in the desert biome. This is why a desert start is one of the hardest challenges in the game.

Minecraft Husk
Husk is a variant of zombies in the Desert biome.

3 - Wither

Wither is a status effect that inflicts damage over time, similar to poison. However, unlike Poison, it can kill and affect even undead mobs. Wither also turns the player's health bar black, making it difficult for the player to see how much health they have left.

This status effect is what makes fighting the Wither boss so dangerous. Taking a direct attack from it can inflict you with the Wither status for a whopping 40 seconds.

Minecraft Wither Mob Boss
Wither is one of the most annoying status effects in Minecraft.

2 - Slowness

Slowness decreases walking speed by 15% × level and contracts the player's field of view accordingly. This makes both attacking and escaping harder, especially when the mobs that can apply slowness are all ranged attackers.

Places like Soul Sand valley or Ocean also slow you down greatly as well. It is best to get soul speed or dolphin's grace to move around faster.

Witch In Minecraft
Witches attack with a potion of slowness.

1 - Mining Fatigue

Mining fatigue reduces mining and attack speed, opposite to the haste effect. All players who have ever explored ocean monument have probably been inflicted with this status effect. Overall, it is excruciatingly annoying: with the effect at level 3, it takes ~370 times longer than usual to break a block with the proper tool for that block.

Mining Fatigue is inflicted by the Ocean monument's three elder guardians. Try to kill them first - they are the main reason that beating an ocean Monument is much more annoying than it ever needs to be.

Elder Guardian
Elder Guardian inside the Ocean Monument

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