Regarding protection, armor is your best choice in Minecraft. They greatly reduce the physical damage you take from mobs' attacks. You can also enchant the armors with all kinds of overpowered buffs to shield yourself from fall damage or projectiles.

Speaking of armors, they're often easily crafted from different metal ores or diamonds, leather, the usual ingredients surrounding you. However, there's one type of armor that you cannot craft in the game. It's the chainmail armor in Minecraft.

Chainmail Armor
Chainmail armor is a medium-quality armor set.

If you cannot craft it, how can you get hold of this armor? Let's find out!

Chainmail Armor In Minecraft

In terms of protection value, chainmail armor only offers medium protection. It's stronger than leather or gold armor but weaker than iron. Yet, it's rarer than diamond armor somehow, considering you can craft diamond armor.

Chainmail Armor Ingame
It looks kind of cool, but that's about it.

How To Get Chainmail Armor in Minecraft

Since you cannot craft the chainmail armor in Minecraft, the only way to obtain one is from natural generation. Here are some methods you can get chainmail armor in the game:

  • Killing Mobs: Killing a mob has a really small chance of dropping a piece of the chainmail armor. Zombies have the best chance, in case you're wondering. Build a mob grinder for the best result, but there might be some reasons for your mob grinder not working, so you'd better check it out.
  • Looting: You can loot chainmail armor pieces in buried treasures. Each piece of chainmail armor, helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots, has a 57.2% chance of spawning in a treasure chest. This is your best bet to acquire a full set of chainmail armor in Minecraft. However, finding a treasure chest will take a lot of time.
  • Trading: You can acquire the chainmail armor pieces through trading with villagers. Armorer villagers may offer chainmail for trade, but will usually demand very expensive prices for them. A chainmail chest plate can cost up to 14 emeralds, which is a lot for such a medium-quality piece of armor. If you're the champion of the village or help cure a zombie villager, the cost may be lower.
Classic Mob Tower
Build yourself a mob grinder for all of the wonderful resources.

So, is the chainmail armor in Minecraft worth the effort? For the average players who just want to have some fun, we don't recommend paying too much attention to getting this armor. After all, it's only medium-quality. However, if you're looking forward to completing your armor collection in the game, then go for it!

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