Minecraft Java has an "Advancement" system to gradually guide new players into the game and give them something to complete. These advancements are essential in beating Minecraft - by earning them, you should be able to experience everything the game has to offer. In this article, we are going to list out the hardest advancements in Minecraft Java and how to get them.

1. How did we get here?

This is a secret Minecraft advancement that requires you to have all 26 effects, both positive and negative, applied at the same time. Below is the list of all needed effects:

Absorption, Bad Omen, Blindness, Conduit Power, Dolphin's Grace, Fire Resistance, Glowing, Haste, Hero of the Village, Hunger, Invisibility, Jump Boost, Levitation Mining Fatigue, Nausea, Night Vision, Poison, Regeneration, Resistance, Slow Falling, Slowness, Speed, Strength, Water Breathing, Weakness, Wither.

How did we get here?
This is one of the hardest advancements in Minecraft Java.

Overall, most of the effects can be acquired via Suspicious Stew, potions, or food. Amongst them, only Bad Omen, Hero of the Village, Mining Fatigue, Levitation, and Wither are tricky.

To have both Bad Omen and Hero of the Village at the same time, you need to kill a raid captain, trigger and defeat a raid for the Hero effect then kill another one. Before this, transport a Shulker to the overworld using a boat, pen Dolphins for Dolphin's Grace, and plant a Wither Rose/summon a wither.

2 - Beaconator

This achievement requires you to bring a beacon to full power by building a size 4 pyramid. Crafting the beacon itself requires you to beat the Wither, the hardest boss in the game, to get its Nether star drop.

A fully powered beacon

Afterward, you need to collect enough material to build the full pyramid. It can be built from Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emeralds, or a combination of all 4. Below is the full list of materials needed:

  • Layer-1 - 9x9 square of blocks. 729 Iron/Gold Ore or Emeralds/Diamonds
  • Layer-2 - 7x7 square of blocks. 441 Iron/Gold Ore or Emeralds/Diamonds
  • Layer-3 - 5x5 square of blocks. 225 Iron/Gold Ore or Emeralds/Diamonds
  • Layer-4 - 3x3 square of blocks. 81 Iron/Gold Ore or Emeralds/Diamonds

The final piece of the pyramid is the 1 block space at the top for the beacon itself. Afterward, you need to sacrifice 1 Iron Bar, 1 Gold Bar, 1 Emerald or 1 Diamond to power the pyramid and select its Pyramid effect. The achievement will be unlocked afterward.

3 - Adventuring time

This advancement requires you to discover every overworld biomes in the game, rendering it one of the hardest advancements in Minecraft ever. This is nearly impossible in a normal game, as some biomes rarely ever spawn... and you also need to take note about the one you have cleared in traveling.

However, there is an easy way to complete Adventuring time. Just use a seed that already has 42+ biomes near your spawn so that you can complete the advancement in a single go. Check the video below to find out more:

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