Rails and minecarts are the closest things to automatic transportation in Minecraft. With these, you can create the most elaborate routes to travel back and forth effortlessly. On top of that, you can combine the minecart with several other items as well. For example, the minecart with furnace. Here's how to use this item right!

How To Craft Minecart With Furnace

A minecart with furnace doesn't spawn naturally anywhere in the Minecraft world. Instead, you have to craft one using your own materials. You can simply create this item by placing a furnace above a minecart in the Crafting Table. The main ingredients to create both these items are just cobblestones and iron.

Minecart With Furnace Recipe
Here's how easy it is to craft a minecart with furnace.

How To Use Minecart With Furnace

To get this transport function, you need to place out some rails. Though there's a furnace involved, you cannot use it to smelt items or cook food. Instead, the minecart with furnace acts as an engine.

It uses coal or charcoal to power and moves automatically in the direction in which you direct it. You can change the direction of the minecart by pressing the use button while facing the opposite direction.

Each piece of fuel added will power the minecart for three minutes. It can run for up to 27 minutes with full fuel.

Minecart With Furnace Ingame
A minecart with furnace can run for up to 27 minutes.

How To Make A Minecart Train

Ideally, the minecart with furnace should be combined with other minecarts to form a train. It will be the engine that tows other minecarts. A single furnace minecart can pull up to four minecarts when attached and powered. To attach minecarts, simply push a minecart into a powered furnace minecart. The links between the carts are quite fragile and can break when it takes a sharp turn.

Minecart Train
Get on the choo-choo train.

All in all, the minecart with furnace is the best way to pull yourself through the world of Minecraft without using any powered rails. It's a powerful machine capable of transporting not only you but also your items around the map.

The best place to set up a minecart train system will be in your main mines. It speeds up your mining speed by a whole lot and also guarantees that you never run out of space to store your items.

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