Obsidian in Minecraft is a useful material for nether portal and enchanting tables frame construction. This material also has a lot of uses in this game but it's not easy to collect. Check out this guide on how to mine obsidian in Minecraft.

I. How To Mine Obsidian In Minecraft

Obsidian is very hard, so you need to use the Diamond Pickaxe to mine this material in Minecraft. It takes Minecraft players 9.375 seconds to mine. To increase the mining speed, you should use the Enchanted Pickaxe or Netherite Pickaxe. The higher level of Efficiency of the tools you use, the faster you mine the obsidian in Minecraft. Then, you can also mine more obsidian blocks in a shorter time.

There are three sources of obsidian to find.

  • From the wild: 

To mine obsidian in Minecraft, you need to go to ocean ravines, woodland mansions, ruined portals, and caves to find this material. Bring mining tools with you to break obsidian blocks and collect them to bring home.

Farm Obsidian From The Wild
Go to farm obsidian from the wild.
  • From looting:

Obsidian is also available to loot from chests insides houses of weaponsmiths in this world. Weaponsmiths are villagers in Minecraft. You can find them when exploring villages in this game. Visit houses of these villagers and loot chests to get many materials, including obsidian.

  • From bartering: 

You can also get obsidian blocks via bartering. Use gold to exchange with Piglins for materials and items in this game. Each obsidian block costs you 11.475 gold ingots. But the chance to get this material from bartering is only 8.71%.

Loot Chests To Get Materials
Loot chests to get materials, including obsidian.

III. How To Use Obsidian In Minecraft

Obsidian has many uses in Minecraft. This hard material is often used for construction. Minecraft players need a lot of obsidian blocks to travel to the nether realm in this game. Here are the top 5 uses of obsidian in Minecraft you need to know.

#1. Ender Chest

You need to have some Ender chests in your Inventory to store valuable items in Minecraft. This special chest can keep them safe. Obsidian is the main material to create this chest. You need an eye of ender and eight obsidian blocks to create a 27x27 Ender Chest. This chest has up to 27 slots for valuable items. If you are a rich man in Minecraft, create more Ender Chest to protect your fortunes.

Ender Chest
Make some Ender Chests to store precious items.

#2. Nether Portal

The most popular use of obsidian is the Nether Portal Frame construction. You need ten obsidian blocks or more to create a Nether Portal in Minecraft. It opens the way to the fiery and scary nether dimension that has many exclusive mobs and blocks to get.

Without Nether Portal, you cannot travel to the nether realm for exploration and material collection.

Nether Portal
Use obsidian to make Nether Portal.

#3. Enchanting Table

Another popular use of obsidian blocks in Minecraft is enchanting table construction. An enchanting table is a useful gadget in this game. You need it to enchant tools, weapons, armors, books, etc. Enchanted items are better than normal items. For example, the enchanted pickaxe decreases the mining time of obsidian. Using enchanted weapons also helps you gain XP.

Enchanting Table
Craft enchanting tables from obsidian.

#4. Beacon

Obsidian is also an important material to build the beacon in Minecraft. Beacon is very essential in this game because it creates the haste effect for players to mine stones, obsidian, and other blocks faster. Besides, this gadget also helps players clear huge chunks in the area you want to build bases or mob farms. You need three obsidian blocks, five glass blocks, and a nether star to make a beacon.

Create Beacon
You can also create beacons from obsidian.

#5. Vaults & Explosive Rooms

You can also use obsidian to make explosive rooms and trap players in Minecraft. The trapped ones cannot leave the explosive room before the explosion. Experienced players in Minecraft also use this hard material to build vaults to store valuable things, such as Netherite ingots and diamonds.

Use Obsidian For Construction
Use obsidian for construction.

IV. Q&A About Obsidian In Minecraft

To understand more about obsidian mining, check out the most common questions about how to mine obsidian in Minecraft below.

1. How long does it take to mine Obsidian with your fist?

It takes you 250 seconds to mine obsidian with your hands.

2. How to break Obsidian in Minecraft faster?

To break obsidian faster, you need to use enchanted pickaxes with Efficiency V and Haste II.

3. How to mine Obsidian without a diamond pickaxe?

If you don't have a diamond pickaxe, you can use a Netherite pickaxe, hands, or wooden/stone/iron/golden tools.

4. How long does it take to mine Obsidian with Efficiency 5 Netherite Tool?

It takes you 1.55 - 2.15 seconds to mine obsidian with an Efficiency-5 Netherite tool, based on Haste level.

5. What pickaxes can mine Obsidian?

You can use the pickaxe made from wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, or Netherite to mine obsidian.

Those are things about how to mine obsidian in Minecraft you may need to know. Make the best tool and go to farm this useful material now.

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