On the June 2020 update last year, Minecraft's 1.16 update added a bartering system where you can swap gold ingots for a random item from piglins. There are a lot of different and rare items that you can collect via this process. In this article, we are going to showcase how to barter and create a bartering farm in Minecraft.

1. How to barter in Minecraft

It is fairly simple to barter with a piglin. Players just need to drop gold ingots next to it or give the ingot by right-clicking on it. Afterward, the piglin will inspect the ingot for a few seconds, take it, then drop an item. Bartering in Minecraft is one of the quicker ways to obtain a rare item in the game.

A Piglin inspects a gold ingot for 6-8 seconds then toss an item at the player.

Below is a list of all items you can barter from a piglin and their drop chances:

  • 1 Enchanted book with a random level of Soul Speed: ~1.09%.
  • Soul Speed enchanted iron boots: ~1.74%.
  • 8-16 Gravel or Blackstone: ~8.71%.
  • 3-9 String: ~4.36%.
  • 10-36 Iron nugget: ~2.18%.
  • 1 Obsidian: ~8.71%.
  • 1-3 Crying obsidian: ~8.71%.
  • Fire charge: ~8.71%.
  • Splash potion of Fire Resistance: ~1.74%.
  • Potion of Fire Resistance: ~1.74%.
  • Water bucket: ~2.18%.
  • 2-4 Ender pearl: ~2.18%.
  • 5-12 Nether Quartz: -4.36%.
  • 2-4 Leather: ~8.17%.
  • 6-12 Spectral arrow (Java Edition only)/Arrow (Bedrock Edition only): ~8.17%.
  • 2-8 Soul Sand: ~8.17%.
  • 2-8 Nether brick: ~8.17%.

The probability of drops is the same in both Java and Bedrock versions. Bartering is the only renewable source of nether quartz, crying obsidian, soul sand, nether brick‌[JE only], gravel, blackstone, as well as the Soul Speed enchantment.

2. How to build a bartering farm

Piglins are neutral mobs that spawn in crimson forests, nether wastes, and bastion remnants. Wear any piece of Gold armor to make them friendly with you. As piglins run away from zombified piglins, soul fire, soul torches, soul campfires, and soul lanterns, you can use one of those items to lead piglins toward your farm then cage them in with blocks.

Afterward, give them a piece of gold armor or name tag them to prevent despawning. Unlike most hostile mobs, piglins do not despawn in peaceful mode, however, they still follow normal hostile mob despawning rules.

After you have gathered enough piglins, just dump your stack of gold ingots and get the items they created after awhile.

3. How to use bartering while speedrunning

Farming Ender Pearls is one of the more time consuming parts of speedrunning Minecraft. Bartering has a chance to let you skip that. In exchange for gold ingots, piglins can give players Ender Pearls, which can be crafted into Eyes of Ender. This in turn allows players to locate the end portal and get to the final zone of the game.

ender pearl
Getting Ender Pearls as part of barter in Minecraft with a piglin

Doing this requires a lot of gold ingots, which can be found by mining the gold blocks that generate in bastions.

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