Mods are the best way to improve your vanilla Minecraft experience, adding new things that the vanilla version does not have. Amongst the new features that can be added using mods, blocks are probably the simplest and best looking. In this article, we are going to list out the top 8 best Minecraft mods to add new blocks.

1. Blockus

The Blockus Mod is a special Minecraft mod that adds new blocks into the game, which are all variants of the pre-existing ones. The new blocks from Blockus also have a wide variety of new textures and Minecraft builders will have a lot of funs playing around with them. Most of the blocks require a stonecutter to make, however, you can find them naturally spawning in Minecraft world.

Blockus Mod has a lot of variants.

Below are some of the most notable added blocks:

  • Marble, Limestone, Bluestone & Viridite
  • White Oak, Bamboo & Charred Planks
  • Large Flower Pots
  • Lava, Magma, Water, Blaze, Soaked Bricks & more
  • Soul Sandstone
  • Teal & Charred Nether Bricks
  • Colored Tiles
  • Stained Stone Bricks
  • Colored Redstone Lamps

2. Decorative Blocks

Similar to Blockus, Decorative Blocks adds new decoration blocks to Minecraft. However, unlike Blockus, the decorative block mod is not related to the vanilla blocks in the game. They are completely new and original. Some of the new blocks you can use in this mod are bonfires, reverse craftable chandeliers, reverse craftable rocky dirt, wooden seats, stone pillars, and more.

This is why you can install this mod alongside other mods that change vanilla blocks without much problem. This is why Decorative is one of the best Minecraft mods to add new blocks.

Decorative blocks
Decorative blocks Mod

3. Waystones

The Waystones mod is actually pretty famous, with over 48 million downloads on its CurseForge page. It adds one of the most wanted features to Minecraft: Fast Travel. Players won't have to use /warp and /home commands or even build a teleporter to travel back and forth anymore. This cut down the wasted time when moving between bases.

Players can create waystone blocks by crafting and teleporting to them using a warp scroll, stone, or another waystone block. This mod is constantly upgraded to the newest version and will be pored right after 1.8 comes out.

Waystones Mod

4. Chisels and Bits

Chisels and Bits is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to cut up the large blocks that make up your world and place the little cuts back down in any way you like. This action can be done using a chisel, a new tool introduced by this mod. Using this, players can create blocks of any shape to decorate their base.

Chisels and Bits
Chisels and Bits allow limitless creativity

Do you want smoother stairs? Go for it. Do you want better-looking roofs? Or Pillars? It is all possible now. You can make entirely new-looking and feeling blocks by mixing and matching the bits of different already existing blocks.


By default, all solid, simple, full cube blocks, like logs, planks, ores, storage blocks (diamond, emerald, iron etc) are supported. Additionally, some specific blocks are curated by hand, this is especially done for all glass blocks, leaves and grass blocks.

5. Styled blocks

The Styled Blocks mod is geared towards buildings. It adds dozens of simple block sets for common, vanilla-styled building projects. Most of the sets include a full complement of blocks like slabs, slablets (tiles), stairs, columns, fences, walls, panes, and buttons.

Styled blocks
Styled blocks Mod

The variance of sets is great. There are several sets that can be used for castle enclosures, dungeons, and shipyard themed builds. Players can add large swathes of materials like stone brick, terracotta, wood planks or prismarine.

6. Flat Colored Blocks

A mod that generates a selection of simple colored blocks, transparent blocks, and glowing blocks ( all configurable ) for use in building and creative projects. Highly configurable with settings to adjust the number of hues, values, and saturation, as well as min/max ranges.

Cx J9n0xaaes Ob
All the colors available in Flat Colored Blocks 

You can use the configuration screen to change the minimum, and maximum range for Hue, Value, and Saturation ( HSV Color space. ), as well as the number of variations for each color dimension. It is recommended to test your settings in a creative test world before accepting your choice.

7. Blocks +

Mushrooms can now be used as building blocks

This mod adds new blocks to the game, such as:

  • Bamboo and Mushroom Planks
  • Crafting Table, Ladder and Bookshelf Variants
  • New Lanterns
  • Blue Nether Bricks (Including a new Warped Wart, which cannot be used to brew awkward potions)
  • Metal Stairs, Slabs, Pressure Plates, Doors, Trapdoors and Bars (Both Diamond and Netherite Pressure Plates react only to the player!)
  • Cactus, Magma, Coral, Frozen, Sandstone, Red Sandstone, Dark Prismarine, Sculk, Obsidsian, Crying Obsidian, Soul Soil Bricks
  • Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Calcite, Tuff, Dripstone, Basalt and Gilded Blackstone Polished Bricks
  • Knitted Wool
  • Terracotta and Concrete Bricks

8. Blockcraftery

Blockcraftery is a mod that provides a very simple feature: Framed Blocks. Framed blocks can be placed in the world, then can be given another block's texture by right-clicking.

Blockcraftery can be used to shape the blocks the way you want.

Framed blocks also come in a variety of shapes! Currently, the mod provides the following shapes:

  • Framed Blocks. Standard full cubes.
  • Framed Stairs.
  • Framed Slabs.
  • Framed Walls.
  • Framed Slants.
  • Framed Slant Corners.
  • Framed Fences,
  • Framed Doors,
  • Framed Trap Doors,
  • Framed Pressure Plates,

All Framed blocks come in reinforced variants, which are both explosion-proof and fireproof. Any framed block can also be right-clicked with glowstone dust to turn it into a light source, even pressure plates!

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