Minecraft has one of the biggest open worlds in gaming, with roughly 30 million blocks in each direction of the spawn point, for a size of 60 million meters if measured in real-world terms. They are further divided into three dimensions: Overworld, Nether and End, each with its own secrets and dangers.

However, if you have managed to explore them all, it might be time to install more mods to spice it up a little. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best Minecraft mods for new dimensions.

1. Blue Skies

Blue Skies adds two dimensions called the Everbright and the Everdawn. It includes lots of new unique features, blocks, weapons, mobs and even massive dungeons! Each dimension has its own theme, with the Everbright being very bright, snowy and cold while the Everdawn is typically darker and warm. Each of these dimensions currently has two dungeons to explore, totaling up to 4 dungeons, with more planned on the way!


To begin your journey, find the Gatekeeper and trade a book in exchange for his journal. You can find the houses spawning in either plains, mountains, and most snowy biomes. The Gatekeeper has extensive knowledge of these dimensions and has written all about the blocks, mobs, and dungeons found within to help guide you on your journey.

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You can also trade for a Zeal Lighter that works on both the Everbright and Everdawn portal frames. Check around their home as they have an unlit portal frame somewhere. As you progress through the mod, other trades may become available, so it’s worth checking his offers after reaching certain milestones.

2. Deeper and Darker

Deeper and Darker is a mod that aims to improve and enhance the Deep Dark. It adds many new features and content related to the Deep Dark and features a brand new dimension called the Otherside, which is accessed through the center portal in Ancient Cities. You’ll discover tons of new blocks, items, mobs, and more.

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The Otherside features cavernous terrain with shallow water at the lowest depths of the dimension. A harsh green fog limits visibility and large pillars made of Sculk Stone are scattered across the landscape. Sculk Jaws and Infested Sculk generate in the ground, so watch your step. The cave ceiling has vines hanging from it and clusters of Sculk Gleam lighting up the area.

3. The Endergetic Expansion

The Endergetic Expansion is a worldgen mod created and maintained by Endergized and the Minecraft Abnormals team. It adds new biomes, new mobs, new blocks, plants, food and bosses to the game, primarily in The End.

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It aims to expand The End, a barren world, into an alien world filled with structures to loot, better landscape and add alien flora and fauna. Currently, it adds an entire biome with unique mechanics and visuals, as well as visual improvements to the existing end well and end gateways used to teleport in vanilla.


More biomes will be coming in the future, but for now, the mod notably adds a new and totally unique biome called the Poise Forest. The poise forest can be located semi-rarely in the outer islands of the end (where the chorus biome can also spawn).

4. Eden Ring

Eden Ring adds a new dimension to the game, which is actually a gigantic ring around a distant planet. Apparently, the ring has its own atmosphere, and creatures can exist and thrive in this environment. However, the average player would not know about the existence of this magnificent location without a little research onto the nature of the universe.

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This beautiful dimension can be accessed once players build a portal. You need 12 waxed copper blocks, 12 waxed cut copper stairs, 4 block of amethyst, 4 amethyst clusters, 1 gold block and 1 flint and steel.

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Once players arrive at the Eden Ring, the first thing they will notice is how beautiful the sky is - they can even see the original planet from the ring. At the same time, there are new special artifacts, structures and new features such as Gravity Control for players to try out and explore.

5. The Outer End

The Outer End adds new biomes, structures, and mobs to the End Dimension. It is compatible with both The Endergetic Expansion and BetterEndForge.

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The two new biomes are the Azure Forest, a blue and life-filled oasis filled with giant flowers and spectraflies... and the Crystal Crag, a barren stone landscape made of arches and crystals, which grow slowly over time.

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End Towers are a new structure in the End. They have multiple levels, and will eventually contain a boss on the top level. Underneath them are giant underground labyrinths, which have a lot of loot, but come with challenges. Elytra and other valuable items can also be found rarely in the maze's loot rooms, so be sure to fully explore each one. The Catacombs are a structure consisting of an opening staircase and a maze. There is some great loot that can be found here, so conquering them is beneficial.

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